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$30 Million La Mesa Dr. Dirt

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. So much so it caused a Seagram heir and his wife to move just across the street and into a whopping $30 million dollar La Mesa drive estate after renting on the south side of the same street for the last four years. The Bronfmans’ new estate was never publicly offered for… Continue Reading $30 Million La Mesa Dr. Dirt

The Dirt On The Eviction Moratorium

California state lawmakers on Monday introduced a bill to extend the partial eviction moratorium through June 30, which would give qualifying renters five more months of protection while using federal money to pay off up to 80% of most tenants’ unpaid rent, according to an agreement. The bill would carve out a plan to divide $2.6 billion in federal aid quickly among renters and… Continue Reading The Dirt On The Eviction Moratorium

The Dirt on the Fast-Food Ban

A ban on fast food restaurants in the Third Street Promenade has been retroactively reestablished but Santa Monica’s Planning Commission has asked City Council to revisit the ordinance later this year. In November 2018, in order to ensure that the Promenade maintained its authentic characteristics, City Council adopted an urgency Interim Zoning Ordinance (IZO) to prevent the proliferation of fast food restaurants on the… Continue Reading The Dirt on the Fast-Food Ban

Santa Monica Surcharge Dirt

Wildfires have become a way of life in California, relentlessly ravaging lives and communities. But millions of electric utility customers will continue to be reminded of their potential for more destruction – every month for at least the next 15 years. Beginning last October the state’s three largest investor-owned utilities – Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE) and San Diego Gas… Continue Reading Santa Monica Surcharge Dirt

Selling Phil Hill’s 1920s Spanish

About 10 days ago, after a 10 day marketing period and a 7 day escrow our listing at 266 20th St closed escrow. It is an  extraordinary North of Montana home. This property was a realtor’s dream; it was unique, full of character & history and received a flurry of activity from many, very interested buyers. I had intended to share its rich and… Continue Reading Selling Phil Hill’s 1920s Spanish

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Prime Properties

Just when we were hoping to return to some strange sense of a modified normalcy, we are back to closed restaurants, renewed scrutiny around showing property and no hope of kids going back to school this year. What this means for real estate sales is questionable. Some creative agents have been taking the virtual open house idea to new levels, experimenting with virtual wine… Continue Reading Prime Properties

Size Matters Again

The fix is in. At the City Council meeting last month on the 22nd of October, the Santa Monica council voted 6 -1 in favor of reducing the size for all new projects constructed on R1 lots (single family houses). A significant number of Sunset Park and North of Montana area residents spoke out at the meeting, pleading for a less restrictive ordinance but… Continue Reading Size Matters Again

Traffic Dirt

Westside traffic can be a soul crushing experience. Did you know that the Westside of Los Angeles is ranked as the worst traffic-clogged urban area in the entire US? The old approach of in civil engineering has been simply to build more roads. Sadly, that has never seemed to resolve the traffic problems. Do you remember when rush hour was an hour? Now it’s… Continue Reading Traffic Dirt

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