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What can we expect the real estate market to do next year? No one predicted the intense bounce back that we’ve been experiencing for the past year, and everyone wants to know if it’s going to continue to increase, stay flat, or cool down. I think the answer is rather obvious – I anticipate the hot market will continue to increase. Without being overly… Continue Reading Predictions

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Whether the market is up, down, or sideways, there always seems to be a lack of good inventory in Santa Monica. The fact that low inventory is a constant in our real estate market through economic shift tells us that there is something different about Santa Monica’s micro market compared with the rest of California. How does our low inventory affect prices and property… Continue Reading Inventory

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Lots, Builders and Property Values

Its seems that property values north of Montana were recovering nicely last year, until all of a sudden they catapulted up to what there were at the height of the market in 06-07, seemingly disregarding the economy and the rest of the Country’s “slow recovery”.  There are other pockets in LA that have experienced a similar phenomenon, but none quite as pronounced as Santa… Continue Reading Lots, Builders and Property Values

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Mortgage & Finance Journal

Government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to play a crucial role in the secondary mortgage market and remain focused on supporting the ongoing housing market recovery while laying the groundwork for a better future housing finance system. “Fannie Mae has been a leading source of liquidity since the start of the economic crisis and we are working hard to support the ongoing… Continue Reading Mortgage & Finance Journal

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Let’s talk about E-valuation of homes.    Perhaps there are cities where the computer generated valuation system, used by websites like Zillow, can accurately estimate the value of a home.  Los Angeles is not one of those cities.  As a real estate professional, when I want to ascertain the value of a property, I am able to do so by studying other houses  around the… Continue Reading E-value

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