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This Week on Second Street

Eleven years in the making, this 4-unit development on 2nd Street features some of the highest level craftsmanship I’ve had the opportunity to represent in my career. I thought it would be interesting to share the progress of this construction in a weekly photo blog. So why on earth has this project taken 11 years to get to this point? The city of Santa… Continue Reading This Week on Second Street

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In the NOW: Rebuilding the California Incline in Sant...

The Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association has put out a newsletter informing that a contract was awarded and that work to demolish and rebuild the California incline will begin in March 2015 and last about 1 year. Be aware of the traffic congestion! Make sure to utilize detour routes and give yourself ample commute time.  For further information and updates please click here.  May… Continue Reading In the NOW: Rebuilding the California Incline in Santa Monica

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What’s Happening and Who’s Making it Happe...

*(the year-over-year comparisons in this article are from January 1st-May 18th of 2013 and 2014) The real estate activity for the time periods expressed for 2013 and 2014* are full of anomalies. The year-over-year statistics for the time periods expressed herein for 2013 and 2014 are as follows: In Santa Monica, zip code 90402, the number of homes sold was down from 24 homes… Continue Reading What’s Happening and Who’s Making it Happen

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Monopolistic Disintegration

What a difference 35 years makes. I began my real estate career in 1978, in Santa Monica. At that time there were 321 real estate offices or brokerages from Hollywood to Malibu, mostly “Mom and Pop” shops. Today I would be surprised if that number is 100, including all the offices of mega companies. There were 12 companies with two or more offices and… Continue Reading Monopolistic Disintegration

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Original LA Times – “Southern California H...

Here is an interesting piece from the Los Angeles Times on the recent market trend.  This is very healthy messaging for us all, Seller, Buyer, and Agent!   A Seller hoping and waiting for the market to continue to explode now can realize that perhaps this is a fine time to come to market.  This creates more inventory.  Now Buyers can realize that they… Continue Reading Original LA Times – “Southern California Housing Market Slows…”

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To Buy or Not to Buy

I was sitting with an agent last evening at a walk-through and she began talking about whether or not she should help her son buy a house right now or have him wait. They are having a difficult time finding a property that is affordable. This is a very common refrain in today’s market where prices have seen a dramatic increase over the last… Continue Reading To Buy or Not to Buy

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Pocket Listings

What is a pocket listing? As we have discussed in the past, a pocket listing is a property that is available for sale but is not known to the general public. They are, many times, known only by top agents who share information privately amongst themselves.  By seller’s requests, these properties don’t appear in the local Multiple Listing Services, and they generally aren’t advertised… Continue Reading Pocket Listings

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In the NOW: Beware of Home Inspections!

“Beware of the man who knows the answer before he understands the question.“ The era of random inspection of EMF, electromagnetic fields, people walking through open houses with their handy-dandy EMF meters are long gone!  As values are increasing so are buyers’ expectations.   Buyers feel they now need to do a lot more research and inspect everything under the sun when purchasing a new home. The extra… Continue Reading In the NOW: Beware of Home Inspections!

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