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The Lakers Strike a New Deal with Time Warner: Will You Pay to Watch the Games?

Posted by John Hathorn on February 17, 2011
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Starting in the 2012-2013 season, fans of the Los Angeles Lakers will no longer be able to watch games for free on channels such as KCAL-TV and Fox Sports West.

Unless the game is nationally televised you will need to subscribe to a Time-Warner pay-TV service to get your Lakers fix.  They are a world-class team and as much a part of Los Angeles as Hollywood. But I think the average fan will be fed up with the endless squeezing of their wallets. Going to a live game is a huge financial commitment, but paying to stay home on your couch to watch the game? I see some deep resentment developing amongst the fans.

Isn’t it enough, the psychodrama we have had to live through the last few years with the Dodgers? The average fans can only take so much of these over-paid entitled players and I think they are going down a slippery slope charging for broadcasts. It’s a cancer that might lay dormant for a bit, but in the end I believe the fans will rebel.

And with last night’s embarrassing loss to Cleveland, a team with the worst record in the NBA, who is going to want to pay to see such a horrible performance on television?

What do you think of the new 20-year agreement between the Lakers and Time Warner? Will you subscribe to a pay-TV service just to watch the Lakers? If they play like they did last night, I don’t think many people will, but please leave your comments below to get the conversation started.

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