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Running the Malibu Marathon Along the PCH: Entertainment or Inconvenience?

Posted by John Hathorn on January 8, 2011
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The 2nd Annual International Malibu Marathon went off yesterday with the event finish line staged at the West end of Zuma beach, about 2 blocks from my home.

Anyone who races in these kinds of events knows that attempting to navigate on or near the race course can be a harrowing experience especially along with:

  • cars, motorcyclists and cyclists
  • pedestrians and beach goers
  • race volunteers and organizers
  • police and paramedics
  • reporters and spectators

The Malibu Marathon is a new race in Malibu and looked to be quite a success yesterday with hundreds of runners traversing Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu past Point Mugu, all the way to the Camarillo Airport area.

The course is mostly flat and fast and this line from the Marathon website made me chuckle: “The final six miles roll along the coast past the north Malibu mansions, with owners like Brad Pitt and many other Hollywood stars.” I was amused because none of Mr. Pitt’s real estate is visible from PCH.

Malibu is also home to many other outdoor race events with the most popular one being the Nautica Triathalon that is held each year in September and causes much more hassle for residents as the event is so well established and draws many hundreds of contestants from all over the world. 10 years ago, unaware of the magnitude and logistics of these races, I was trapped in a traffic for 30 minutes and nearly missed an appointment to show properties for sale in Santa Monica.

Most people that live here on the west end of Malibu seem a little miffed by the inconvenience that comes with these races but I have always loved and appreciated them. To see hundreds of fired up, well conditioned, committed people gets me inspired – so inspired I have decided to finally run one of these next year. That’s right, I am going to do it. Maybe not the Nautica Triathalon for my 1st major race, but the marathon or half marathon might be fun.

Anyone care to join me? Has anyone taken part in the race and have insider tips to share? Leave your comments below.

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