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Give Back to Santa Monica Community: Help Save the Temescal Pool

Posted by admin on March 10, 2011
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You may never have known it was there, but for those of us who used the pool at some point in our life, this is a sad time.  Being a camp counselor at the YMCA camp, there are many kids I have taught to swim in that very pool and have many fond memories of my experiences there.

Due to a leak that ended up being a bigger expense than anticipated, an agreement was never reached among the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC) and the lessor, the YMCA, so now the SMMC has filled the pool with dirt …but there is a group trying to bring swimming back.

The Friends of Temescal Pool (“Friends”) was formed in August 2008 to represent the interests of citizens affected by the closure of the Temescal Canyon Pool, and to work with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC), the YMCA and other interested parties, to facilitate the return of the pool to the service of the Community as soon as possible.  For over 40 years the pool served as a pillar in the community, serving the needs of kids, adults and seniors alike. Through the significant efforts of the “Friends,” the project is gaining momentum both politically and financially, and the goal of reopening the pool is now a reality in the foreseeable future.

A few friends of mine are holding a charity event to help raise money for this cause. If you would like to help and attend a fun event, then join us at the Palisades Wine FestIt takes place Sunday, April 10 from 4-7pm at Gladstones. At the event you can enjoy wine tasting from over a dozen of California’s best boutique wineries, meet the wine makers, become educated about these wines, enjoy gourmet cheeses and appetizers and enjoy the sunset over the blue Pacific Ocean, all for a good cause.

Do you have any fond memories of the Temescal Pool?  Is this a cause you would be interested in?  Will you be attending the event?

Photo courtesy of Jeannine Cousin’s Flickr

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