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Best Trick-or-Treating Hot Spots in the North of Montana Neighborhood

Posted by Lorine Silver on January 8, 2011
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Where do all the ghosts and goblins choose to spend their Halloween?

Judging from the decorations in the homes in the North of Montana neighborhood in Santa Monica, I’d say this is an excellent destination for kids. The homeowners get extremely creative with spooky decorations. They also take their haunted houses very seriously: the atmosphere reflects the set of a scary movie.

The most famous haunted house is the home on the corner of 16th Street and Georgina Avenue. But, get there early because people start lining up very early and by 8:00pm it is so jam-packed one can hardly walk by.

Both Georgina Avenue and 16th Street are prime venues for the trick-or-treaters. Another favorite street where nearly every house is decorated and in full swing is 25th Street. But the kids don’t just enjoy the decorations — by the end of the night their bags are so full with great loot that there is plenty for the whole family to share.

A special note to parents: don’t forget to check the candy for safety and if you have to “test” a few of your favorites, I’m sure they won’t notice. And, if you are on candy duty, make sure you are well-stocked as you would rather treat then be tricked.

Where are some other streets you like to take your kids along for Halloween? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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