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Posted by Lorine Silver on April 12, 2018
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Last week we stopped by Candytopia, the latest and sweetest creation of Jackie Sorkin, Zac Hartog, and John Goodman.

It’s a four month installation in Downtown Santa Monica.

I took my Grandson, Grayson for a sweet little outing.

Admission for Adults is $30, and $23 for Ages 4-12. Anyone younger gets to go for Free!

The whole trip around Candytopia takes about an hour

All the pieces are made entirely of candy.

Some of the installations are even interactive.

With a sweet surprise.

You’re not allowed to eat the art ; ) but there are plenty of samples throughout.

No candy was left unturned.

Candytopia is fun for kids and adults alike.

And some of the pieces look almost as real as the originals.

Candytopia satisfies both your sweet tooth and your Instagram needs.

There’s even an underwater exhibit.

And King Tut made the cut.

This Alligator looked too good to eat.

Even flying unicorn pigs made the show.

Tigers made of Candy are the friendliest kind of Tiger.

Even the optical illusions were a sweet surprise.

One of the highlights was the Funfetti room.

I wasn’t spared.

Ball pits are so last season… Now it’s all about the marshmallow.

It was a Fairytale day for both little and big kids.

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