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Forbes: Housing 1998-2018: America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes, Then And Now

Posted by admin on October 3, 2018
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By Andrew De Pietro via 















In part one of the study, Housing 1998-2018: A Look At Markets Utterly Broken By The Crash, we examined the string of real estate markets dealt irreparable damage by the housing crash in 2006-2007 and its fallout. In part two, we’re looking at the most expensive zip codes in the United States over the long-term, from June 1998 to June 2018.

Introduced in 1963, zip codes are used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to designate delivery points within the U.S. Over time, zip codes became part of everyday speech, transcending their functional origins — the epitome of which occurred in 1990, when “Beverly Hills, 90210” debuted on Fox that October.

Since zip codes denote mail delivery points, in time they coincide with developing housing markets. They therefore become useful in real estate, where they can be used to break towns and neighborhoods down into smaller units of property.

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