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How to Maximize Your Home Value With Minimal Costs

Posted by Lorine Silver on September 19, 2022
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Are you wanting to increase the value of your home but don't want to break the bank? Check out these tips for simple and affordable home improvements!

Decluttering your home is an important first step for a spacious, more open and inviting feeling. Adding a fresh coat of paint, replacing old carpets, and/or re-sanding hardwood floors can also make a world of difference. However, if you want to go beyond the basics, here are a few more ideas to refresh your space. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

1. Landscaping

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Adding some colorful plants to the front of your house is a simple way to add instant eye-catching curb appeal. For maximum impact, use one color and vary the height of your plants. A charming focal point like a walkway and/or fountain adds value. If you are not sure where to start, your local garden centers often offer free design services.

2. Minor Kitchen Updates

No need to remodel your entire kitchen when a few simple cosmetic updates can make an outdated kitchen look more modern. If replacing the kitchen cabinets are not within the budget, sanding and repainting current cabinets and adding new hardware will make a big difference. Other options include replacing outdated countertops and changing the floor tiles. Just make sure all materials match aesthetically and use mostly neutral colors for a wider appeal. For design ideas it’s always fun to check out some new construction open houses in your neighborhood.

3. Outdoor Spaces

Especially in California, people really utilize their outdoor spaces. So a good selling point is to make them as inviting as possible. Extend the living area by adding new furniture and maybe an outdoor rug to your patio. For a lush look, add decorative planters with mature plants. A firepit, heaters and good lighting (can be as simple as a string of lights) is great for evening entertaining.

4. Bedrooms

Especially for your primary bedroom, you want to make this room as luxurious as possible. Begin by purchasing some new bedding. Changing out the dated window treatments for something as simple as plain curtains with nice rods will make an impact. For lighting, adding some new lamps and switching out old light fixtures, for example a chandelier, will add a romantic design touch. If the carpet is old, hardwood floors are great for bedrooms. In older houses, sometimes it’s just a matter of pulling up the old carpets and sanding the original hardwood underneath.

5. Minor Bathroom Remodel

To freshen up a dated look you can either replace outdated vanities or if on a tighter budget, you can simply repaint cabinets, add new hardware and possibly replace countertops. If needed, a new tile floor can be installed, especially if currently carpeted. Replacing the old shower doors or removing them altogether will add the illusion of space. And as with other rooms, a fresh coat of paint and new light fixture will go far.

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