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Santa Monica Snapshot: Bulletproof Coffee

Posted by Lorine Silver on August 24, 2017
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The Bulletproof diet is an environmentally conscious brand that helps brain function, energy levels and promotes healthy eating. The high fat, collagen protein and low carb based products are essential. With only two locations we are lucky to have them here in Santa Monica.

  Located at 3110 Main Street #116, Santa Monica CA 90405.

Learn more about the Bulletproof lifestyle with these easy to follow cookbooks and informational reads.

Make your own Bulletproof drink with these certified clean Coffee beans from the rainforest. The Brain Octane Oil is a must, it is high quality fat that burns fat and gives you energy, both available for purchase.

The clarified butter known as the Grass-Fed Ghee is the not so secret ingredient in their coffee drinks. It can also be used for cooking and baking.

Collagen protein powder, a healthy alternative for good bones, joints, skin and hair.

A variety of supplements to help you sleep, improve vision, mood and boost your immune system.

Have you tried the Fat Water? Made with the Brain Octane Oil available in a variety of flavors — lemon, pineapple and grapefruit, only 20 calories and sugar free!

These low carb, high collagen protein nutrition bars are delicious, the shortbread and fudge brownie are my favorite.

A full espresso bar made from their quality ingredients and power-up teas. Also a full food menu including breakfast burritos, soups made from high quality bone broth, tacos with coconut tortillas or grass-fed sliders.

Indoor and outdoor seating available for patrons, a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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