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Santa Monica Snapshot: M-CRO

Posted by Lorine Silver on January 12, 2018
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Micro Kickboard opened a pop-up shop located here at 909 Montana Avenue, however the company won’t be here long—they leave in February. These scooters will be popular with environmentally conscious Santa Monica residents looking for a fun alternative way to scoot around town. With all the Bird scooters out on the street, it appears scooters are the new must have mode of transport!

Micro Kickboard is an innovative Swiss company that has won numerous awards for their engineering and design.

Their Pedalflow scooter is not only fun but also an excellent work-out!

This 3-IN-1 Scooter is designed for the smallest rider, ages 1 – 5. This is adjustable as your child grows.

This tiny scooter is too cute for words, best for ages 18 months and up. It also can be modified as they become a more skilled rider.

A variety of designs available for those that want a smooth, effortless and elegant ride with lots of speed and a lightweight and compactable function.

Travel in convenient style; these easily fold up to fit in the overhead compartment. Made for both children and adults!

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