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Santa Monica Snapshot: Marion Davies Guest House

Posted by Lorine Silver on July 12, 2017
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If you are looking for a fun free (and air conditioned) activity this summer take a guided tour of the historic Marion Davies Guest House once part of the expansive property built by William Randolph Hearst for his girlfriend, Marion Davies.

Located at 415 Pacific Coast Highway, this property was the guest house for Davies’ family that visited and staff. At the time it was 7 bedrooms with a service kitchen used for catering her many parties.

This 5 acre estate included 110 bedrooms, tennis courts, rose garden and a guest house. The property was built by the same architect as Hearst Castle, Julia Morgan.  In 1947 the property was sold and converted into a hotel. In 1956 the mansion was demolished. The location is now home to the Annenberg Beach House which was newly built and environmentally friendly. The only remaining piece of the historic estate is the Guest House.

Marion Davies was the mistress and love of Randolph Hearst life, and a famous actress in her own right. Hearst’s first wife and mother to all his 5 boys refused to get a divorce, therefore Hearst was never able to get married to Davies although they were together for 30 years and rumored to have one child of their own.

This wide staircase is a smaller version of the one in the Main house with similar features and design. High ceilings and lots of detailed wood paneling.

This solid marble fireplace was almost destroyed in the Northridge earthquake and was later restored. The hardwood floor is the same floor from when the house was originally built in 1928.

The dining room has custom built-ins, and today images from parties at the Main house hang on the wall. The image to the right is Hearst son Randolph, Father of Patty Hearst, and next to him is, Cary Grant.

Detailed dentil moldings and designs in each room decorate the door frames and ceilings.

This is an original bathroom. While not confirmed it is rumored that the painted waves and sail boat tiles are gold plated.

The concrete area was once a second swimming pool on the property. Did you know that the Annenberg pool is the same pool built in the 1920’s? It was once completely made out of marble.

Two gorgeous and wide balconies on the first and second floor, with panoramic views. Today this property hosts tours, weddings and is available for private events.

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