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Santa Monica Snapshot: Warhol Revisited

Posted by Lorine Silver on March 17, 2017
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The iconic work of the pop culture artist, Andy Warhol is now on display at the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Showcasing over 200 prints and paintings the Andy Warhol: Revisited exhibit owned by the Revolver Gallery, is free to the public, with a reservation.

An American legend, Andy Warhol is an eccentric artist that is truly worthy of his fame.

In 1963 Warhol designed the album cover, Sticky Fingers for the Rolling Stones. He later created a collage of his friend Mick Jagger, using 10 photographs taken by the artist himself.

   The Marilyn Monroe paintings were created after her death in 1962 and have become one of the most recognizable pieces of art.

This is the actual screen-print owned by Robert Kennedy. It was created from a Polaroid that Warhol took himself during Kennedy’s 1980 Presidential campaign.

The Camouflage paintings were the last pieces of art created by Warhol sadly before his death in 1987.

The gallery has a fun assortment of Warhol books, toys, wigs and memorabilia. After visiting this exhibit you truly will want to take his entire work home.

Take a selfie in front of the Campbell’s soup wall and #warholrevisted for your 15 minutes of fame. They will even provide you with a wig and glasses for the full Warhol experience.

Not surprising that Warhol was known to have eaten Campbell’s soup for much of his life—one of his most famous paintings.  He also drove this gorgeous 1974 Rolls Royce, he was a truly fashion forward individual.

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