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Supercharged Dirt

Posted by John Hathorn on April 23, 2021
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A few years ago Tesla announced a plan to start building a V3 Supercharger station located at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard. With a whopping 62 charging stalls, this would have been the largest V3 Supercharger facility in the world. The current largest all-V3 Supercharging station is located at Firebaugh, California at 56 stalls. On March 3rd, the Santa Monica Planning Commission finally approved the project with a 5-2 vote after hours of discussion. Rumors soon circulated that the station would include lounges with snacks and restrooms, feature special family & pet facilities, and maybe even sell merch. Elon Musk would have been proud.

But it seems Tesla’s plans hit a bit of a speed bump.

After being approved by the City Planning Commission, a follow-up meeting on March 9th revealed that the two lots Tesla planned to use for the new Supercharger project are being included in an Emergency Interim Zoning Ordinance for potential housing in Santa Monica.

LA county houses 10 million people and unfortunately there are not nearly enough apartments or condos to meet the growing needs of the population.  You may recall reading in a recent past issue of my blog, that the Southern California Association of Governments is recommending an ambitious zoning plan to meet housing goals set by the state to create 1.3 million new homes in the years ahead. The plan for Santa Monica to somehow find a way for 8,873 housing units, of which roughly 70% will be affordable housing. This represents approximately a five-times increase over the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (“RHNA”).

To meet those housing goals, Santa Monica City Council enacted the Emergency Interim Zoning Ordinance that would effectively reserve unoccupied lots for prospective housing development. “The significant focus on affordable housing reflects the housing needs of the community in light of high housing costs and residents and workers increasingly unable to afford housing in Santa Monica.” as stated in the ordinance. One of the zones that were considered for new buildings was, in fact, the area where Tesla planned to install the 62 stall V3 Supercharging station. Even though it was approved, Tesla may be forced to scrap their plans for the charging station.

For more info, check out the article by Joey Klender


DID YOU KNOW? Tomorrow is here. Smart thermostats, autonomous vacuums, and intelligent speakers, programmable shades, connected refrigerators monitor our supply of milk. Those smart thermostats are monitoring the air quality in our homes. We can rely on smart flowerpots to water the plants, smart pet feeders to dispense kibble to the dog, and smart locks to let the maintenance worker in—all while we’re out of the house. By 2023, more than 50% of American households, and one-sixth of those around the world, are expected to have smart home devices. (SLATE)

DID YOU KNOW? Tech Giants Google and Amazon has jumped on the trend of tech-assisted wellness. Google has patented an optical sensor that enables smart mirrors to monitor our cardiovascular health by detecting subtle changes in skin color. Amazon has patented a system that could prompt our smart speakers to order cough drops when they overhear a sniffle!


In 90402 real estate news….

Eight new listings since my last post, one of which is already under contract-

458 19th Street– Listed for $9,995,000 by my partner Loraine Silver. This brand new construction is really incredible! The builder and designer went all out. If any new build on a Gillette lot can fetch $10M, it is this house! Let me know if you want to see it in person.

473 Upper Mesa Road– Listed for $3,000,000. On the market for the first time in 60 years! Classic SM Canyon house. Lots of charm and character. 2,200+ square feet giving some tree house vibes.

212 24th Street– Listed for $5,995,000. Just under 5,000 sqft, this 2012 Traditional has a classic floor plan and nice finishes. I listed this one in 2012 and it sold right away for $4,849,000.

121 Esparta Way– Listed for $13,995,000. This one is a re-list of a new construction that first came on the market two years for $14,995,000. It has been on and off the market trying to find a Buyer at their price since Spring 2019. With some larger recent sale comps hopefully, they will succeed this time.

247 22nd Street– Listed for $3,300,000. This is a 50ft wide lot value with a twist! The house was purchased in foreclosure and an eviction of the occupant is underway. This sight-unseen offering may have too much hair on it for many Buyers.

588 Dryad Road– Listed for $2,049,000. Livable lot value, ready for updating or to build new. Current house is 1,400 sqft on a 5,063 foot lot.

2020 Georgina Avenue– Re-Listed for $12,595,000. Originally built in 1913 recently restored and updated- it is not plain. Nearly 18,000 sqft double lot. The house is just over 6000 sqft + guest house & pool. Was originally listed last year for $13,995,000. There is already an offer being negotiated on it.

Five new escrows (four of which were on the market for less than three weeks!)-

601/607 Georgina Avenue– Listed for $16,490,000 for both properties.

615 12th Street– Listed for $2,995,000.

448 16th Street– Listed for $5,895,000.

424 9th Street– Listed for $4,725,000.

453 Hillside Lane– Listed for $2,295,000.

Seven Sold Properties-

323 25th StreetI sold this lot value property for $3,465,000. We were listed at $3,449,000 and received multiple offers.

316 21st Street– Sold for $3,990,000. Originally listed for $4,200,000.

309 9th Street– Sold for $6,035,000. Originally listed for $5,695,000.

613 26th Street– Sold for $2,430,000. Originally listed for $3,395,000.

448 16th Street– Sold for $5,925,000. Originally listed for $5,895,000.

231 16th Street– Sold for $5,980,000. Originally listed for $5,549,000.

609 E Channel Road– Sold for a whopping $48,674,649! Listed at $50M.

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