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The Dirt On Smart Home Tech

Posted by John Hathorn on April 27, 2018
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First… In real estate news, there are 7 new listings!

144 Adelaide Drive- Listed at $11,999,000. This is a really special house and piece of land! 1907 Craftsman with incredible views on a huge 20,000+ sqft lot. Park-like grounds surround the 5,500 sqft 5 bedroom house. Properties like this do not come on the market often. Last sold in 1997 for $3,075,000.

1427 Georgina Avenue– Listed at $7,250,000. This was listed last August for $7,395,000 and did not sell. Modern Architectural built in 2010 by Buzz Yudell and his wife Tina Beebe. 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms approximately 5,243 square feet. Backyard with lap pool, spa and translucent canopies. Last sold April 24, 2015 for $6,800,000.

435 Georgina Avenue– Listed at 8,300,000. This was listed last November for $9,995,000. I expect the historic designation may have been an obstacle at the previous price- don’t expect to get an demo permit easily on this one. This Craftsman home is located on an approximately 22,193 square foot lot and has 3,701 square feet of interior space. Property has lots of original charm with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Last sold in 1991.

537 Palisades AvenueListed at $5,995,000. Located at “Goose Egg Park” on Palisades Ave. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathroom, approx. 4,100 sqft. Charming Spanish with nice updating. Smaller 6,773 sqft lot with pool and entertaining patio. Last sold in 2013 for $4,250,000.

802 San Vicente BlvdRe-Listed by Pence Hathorn Silver for $8,295,000. Really high-end new construction. Over 8,100 sqft with all the bells and whistles! Oversized corner lot. Come check out the open house on both Saturday and Sunday from 2-5pm.

511 9th Street– Listed at $2,895,000. Charming 1920s Spanish 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with converted garage. 2,020 sqft on a 7,485 sqft lot. Last sold in 1979 for a whopping $87,500!

464 25th Street- Re-listed for $7,595,000. Was listed earlier this year for 7,995,000. Originally built and listed for sale in 2014 for $7,750,000 but did not end up selling at that time. 5 bedrooms + 7.5 baths- approximately 7,756 sqft with basement and pool.

Two properties went under contract.

222 Marguerita Avenue– As predicted, this sold quickly with multiple offers. Builder opportunity on a large West of 7th lot! Oversized 13,558 square foot lot in the most sought after location North of Montana. Listed for 6,295,000. Current house has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and is approximately 4,100 sqft- needs updating of course but is livable. This one will get the attention of spec builders and owner-users alike.

714 16th StreetRe-listed after being withdrawn from the market last year. If you like to walk to Montana Ave, this house is for you.  It was built in 2006, is 4,100 sqft and Tuscan styled. 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Listed for $4,895,000. Nice backyard with built-in BBQ area with fireplace and fruit trees. Last sold June 22, 2007 for $3,750,000.

Two closed sales.

242 24th Street– Sold by Pence Hathorn Silver, over asking, for $4,532,000. Listed at $4,495,000.

624 22nd Street– Sold for $4,350,000. Listed at $4,395,000

The Dirt On Smart Home Tech

It’s an interesting time to be alive with technology changing the way we interact, solving problems we never knew were problems. Luxury living is changing as well. Here are six smart home items that might make your life more secure and convenient.

  1. Ring Video Doorbell Elite

The Video Doorbell Elite from Ring is the perfect first step to your home security system. It includes 1080 HD Video, two-way audio and sends you push notifications whenever your doorbell is rung. Most burglars will ring the doorbell to see if you’re home before attempting to break in, so the motion sensor & doorbell activated recording to cloud storage comes in very handy. You can even view a live feed of your front porch on demand if you’re not home and available to watch your packages that are delivered to your door.

  1. Nest Thermostat

Probably the most well-known home tech, Nest thermostats are more common than not in most of the houses I visit. Dominating the Smart Home Security market, Nest and their flagship thermostat product could save you time and money this summer (if you don’t already have one).  The touch screen and wheel knob design make it easy on the eyes. The most interesting features include the scheduling functions that can be programmed right on your smart phone. You can even place your temperature sensors right next to your night stand or on your coffee table to make sure your living spaces are calibrated properly. The system even learns your daily routine, if you don’t feel like programming it yourself.  It retails at $448 but is so energy efficient that Southern California Edison and LADWP are willing to give you up to $125 back via rebate.

  1. LG Instaview Door-In-Door Smart Fridge

LG’s Instaview Smart Fridge allows you to see into your fridge without opening it by knocking on the refrigerator door, which turns on the light inside, reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher longer.

The Door-In-Door feature allows you to open up just the front wall of the refrigerator door to pull out condiments or drinks with ease.

A problem we probably didn’t need solved is the Auto Open Door feature. LG placed a sensor on the bottom of the refrigerator door to automatically open the door when you step in front of it. Possibly convenient, if it’s one of those fridges that requires a bodybuilder to open. But this instant sensor access could be a dream come true for a smart dog!

You may want to hold off on this model because the next one is the real winner of the chicken dinner. LG plans to integrate their fridge with Alexa, making the transparent window turn into a touch screen to easily manage your stock and grocery list. There will also be a camera inside, so you can verifywhat you do and don’t have in case you are out shopping and wondering if you have enough La Croix at home.

  1. AXIS Gear

The AXIS Gear is a smart window shade system that can be automated to open the shades at a scheduled time, set in the app, allowing you to wake up with nature if that’s your sort of thing.  The shades are battery & solar powered, so they are very low maintenance. AXIS guarantees their motorized system is strong enough to lift your shades no matter the size, or weight, or they’ll give you your money back.

  1. Nest Security Cameras

Nest has a vast line of indoor and outdoor security cameras all of which can live stream directly to your smart phone. Among the many features included to protect your castle are the Facial Recognition software, which memorize faces that you categorize as “approved” on the app, then sends you push notifications in the event that it sees a foreign face!

Night vision and a three-hour snapshot come standard with all of their cameras. The nest cameras can even recognize pets, so you don’t get alerted every time Fido walks in front of the camera.

  1. Nest Guard Alarm System

The nest guard Alarm System is made up of 3 Components that include the Nest Guard, Nest Detect Sensors and Nest Tags. The Nest Guard is the brains of the system that also acts as an alarm, keypad and motion sensor. This central hub connects wirelessly to Nest Detect Sensors and Nest Tags. With the Nest Detect sensors attached to doors and doorframes, you’ll be able to tell when doors and even windows are opened. When the security system is armed, if any one of them are triggered, the alarm will go off and you will be sent a push notification.


The Nest Tags are used to arm and disarm the Nest Guard without using a passcode. You can attach the Nest tag to your keychain, as soon as you walk in you can tap the Nest Guard with the Nest Tag and the alarm will be disarmed.  The same can be done to arm it before you leave. Of course, the alarm system can be armed and disarmed via the app directly from your phone. The entire system is modular as well, so you can add as many Nest Detect sensors or Nest tags as you’d like.


What are your favorite home apps and smart tech?


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