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Let’s Make a Difference: Vote!

Posted by admin on October 10, 2012
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Over the past weeks, working at PHS has opened my eyes to a variety of different avenues….and my use of “avenue” is not referring solely to Santa Monica’s streets.  Not only have I learned about Santa Monica’s real estate market, I have gained information on issues pertaining to California’s ballot issues. In particular, PTA’s from Santa Monica’s school district have kindly provided me with information on the “happenings” at their individual school and on the educational ballot issue, proposition 38. Seeing as how elections are fast approving, I would like to pass along some information on some of California’s initiative statutes, prop 38, 32, & 37.

 Prop 38 :  Tax to Fund Education & Early Childhood Programs


Increases taxes on earnings using sliding scale, for twelve years. Revenues go to K–12 schools and early childhood programs, and for four years to repaying state debt.

Fiscal Impact: Increased state tax revenues for 12 years—roughly $10 billion annually in initial years, tending to grow over time. Funds used for schools, child care, and preschool, as well as providing savings on state debt payments.

 What Your Vote Means:

Yes on Prop 38

  • State personal income tax rates would increase for 12 years. The additional revenues would be used for schools, childcare, preschool, and state debt payments.
  • Will make schools a priority again. It guarantees new funding per pupil direct to every local public school site to restore budget cuts and improve educational results.
  • 38 prohibits Sacramento politicians from touching the money.
  • Spending decisions are made locally with community input and strong accountability requirements, including independent audits.

No on Prop 38

  • A NO vote on this measure means: State personal income tax rates would remain at their current levels.
  • No additional funding would be available for schools, child care, preschool, and state debt payments.
  • If you earn $17,346 per year in taxable income, your taxes increase. Total of $120 BILLION in higher taxes.
  • No requirements to improve student performance.
  • Can’t be changed for 12 years even for fraud.
  • Damages small business. Kills jobs.
  •  Educators, taxpayers and businesses say No on 38.


Prop 32: Political Contributions By Payroll Deductions. Contributions to Candidates. Initiative Statute.


Prohibits unions from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. Applies same use prohibition to payroll deductions, if any, by corporations or government contractors. Prohibits union and corporate contributions to candidates and their committees. Prohibits government contractor contributions to elected officers or their committees. Fiscal Impact: Increased costs to state and local government, potentially exceeding $1 million annually, to implement and enforce the measure’s requirements.

 What Your Vote Means

YES on Prop 32

  • Unions and corporations could not use money deducted from an employee’s paycheck for political purposes. Unions, corporations, and government contractors would be subject to additional campaign finance restrictions.
  • Prop. 32 cut the money tie between special interests and politicians to the full extent constitutionally allowed. Bans contributions from corporations AND unions to politicians. Prohibits contributions from government contractors. Stops payroll withholding for politics, making ALL contributions voluntary. NO LOOPHOLES, NO EXEMPTIONS. Vote YES to clean up Sacramento.
  • Supported by small business owners, farmers, educators, and taxpayers.

NO on Prop 32

  • A NO vote on this measure means: There would be no change to existing laws regulating the ability of unions and corporations to use money deducted from an employee’s paycheck for political purposes. Unions, corporations, and government contractors would continue to be subject to existing campaign finance laws.
  • Prop 32 isn’t reform—it exempts business Super PACs and thousands of big businesses from its provisions, at the same time applying restrictions on working people and their unions. It’s unfair, unbalanced, and won’t take money out of politics. The League of Women Voters urges a No vote!
  • No on 32, sponsored by educators, firefighters, school employees, health care providers, police officers and labor organizations opposed to special exemptions from campaign finance rules for corporate special interests.

 Prop 37: Genetically Engineered Foods. Labeling. Initiative Statue.


Requires labeling of food sold to consumers made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways. Prohibits marketing such food, or other processed food, as “natural.” Provides exemptions. Fiscal Impact: Increased annual state costs from a few hundred thousand dollars to over $1 million to regulate the labeling of genetically engineered foods. Additional, but likely not significant, governmental costs to address violations under the measure.

 What Your Vote Means

YES on Prop 37

  • A YES vote on this measure means: Genetically engineered foods sold in California would have to be specifically labeled as being genetically engineered.
  • Proposition 37 gives us the right to know what is in the food we eat and feed to our families. It simply requires labeling of food produced using genetic engineering, so we can choose whether to buy those products or not. We have a right to know.

NO on Prop 37

  • A NO vote on this measure means: Genetically engineered foods sold in California would continue not to have specific labeling requirements.
  • Prop. 37 is a deceptive, deeply flawed food labeling scheme, full of special-interest exemptions and loopholes.
  • Prop. 37 would: create new government bureaucracy costing taxpayers millions, authorize expensive shakedown lawsuits against farmers and small businesses, and increase family grocery bills by hundreds of dollars per year.





Get to the Polls!

As a California resident and local Santa Monica“ian”, I would like to stress how important it is for our community to go out to the polls and vote! Regardless of your stance, get informed, get involved, and make a difference in our community. See you all at the polls!


October 22,2012:

Last day to register to vote

October 30, 2012

Last day to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot by mail

November 6, 2012

ELECTION DAY: Polls are open 7 am – 8 pm






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