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Remember to Grab Your Canvas Bag: Santa Monica’s Plastic Bag Ban Goes into Effect

Posted by admin on April 1, 2011
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On March 9th, 2011 the Santa Monica plastic bag ban went into effect. Most likely you have not yet been affected, but come September 1st you will no longer be asked the age old question- “Paper or Plastic?” Stores have six months (until September) before the ban will be enforced.

While shoppers may feel some frustration at first, this is a much needed step in stopping our plastic addiction. In the Pacific Ocean there is an island of plastic waste twice the size of Texas. Can you picture that? Two times the size of Texas! I am proud to live in a city that has voted to implement such a bold environmental move. Hopefully more cities will also make this commitment to cleaning up our act.

Why I personally love using a canvas bag:

  • You can fit a ton more into one than either paper or plastic.
  • There is almost no chance of an embarrassing and costly parking lot spill.
  • Long shoulder handles make carrying a heavy load much easier.
  • You look much more chic without 5 straining bags pulling at each arm.
  • Oh, and of course, it is better for the environment!

I know what you are quietly thinking to yourself, what about my poo bags for fido? You can find many good retailers selling environmentally friendly, bio-degradable baggies for very reasonable prices.

The trick to this whole movement is actually remembering your canvas sacks. Don’t forget to bring them back to your car. Also, if I am going shopping that day, I find putting them on the passenger seat is a better spot than the trunk.

There are some really neat designs out there now, so don’t use your tote past its welcome; keep them fresh. And if you find a really good bag, stock pile. They make fantastic wrapping for gifts and holiday presents.

To jump start your collection pop on by our Montana Avenue office for an “I’m not plastic” canvas tote. I always get compliments on mine and all the grocery baggers say it is one of the best constructed bags they’ve seen.

Have you already jumped on the canvas bag bandwagon? What are you tricks for remembering to bring them in with you to the grocery store?

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