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Dry Dirt

Posted by John Hathorn on January 31, 2014
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The insignificant amount of light rain we had in Santa Monica yesterday did nothing to relieve our worry about water and the City is preparing for shortages due to the worst drought in very long time. Since there are only a few short months left of winter, it is vital that we all conserve as much water as possible and there are a lot of simple ways to do so. Some of these tips will save you money and won’t affect your lifestyle very much but if enough of us conserve, could have a positive impact on our planet. North of Montana Santa Monica 227 4th

1)      Use your Dishwasher:

Did you know dishwashers use less water than washing by hand? If you do wash dishes by hand fill both sinks with water, one for washing and one for rinsing, and reuse the same drinking glass. To wash veggies, fill a pot of water instead of running water continually, and give the rest of the water to your plants.

2)      Check for Leaks

The easiest way, is to monitor your water usage, if it happens to spike one month it’s a good sign there may be a leak. Be sure to turn off all faucets tightly. If you put food coloring in the toilet tank and it appears in the bowl without flushing, then there is a leak that needs repair.

3)      Don’t over water your lawn

During the winter months it is recommended to only water once a week, morning is best and be sure to soak your lawn to the roots. If your sprinklers fill a tuna can that is the correct amount. Wash your pet in a grassy area that needs water and sweep your patios and driveways instead of hosing them off.

4)      Avoid running water continually

Use a bucket of soapy water to wash your car and use the hose to rinse only. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth and fill the sink with water to rinse your razor. In fact a five minute shower uses less water than filling and using the bathtub.

5)      Check your Appliances

Finally it could be worth purchasing energy efficient appliances with federal and city incentives. Check out the Energy Star website.

Thirsty for more? Check out this hydro link!

Here is your real-time real estate market info:

There are only 12 homes available to buy North of Montana Ave down from 14 last week, 601 19th St and 730 San Vicente went into escrow in the last few days.  There are 6 homes in escrow up from 4 last week. Year-to-date, there is only 1 home that has closed so far this year.

New Listings this Week

549 9th St. –   5bd + 3.5ba.  $3,699,000.  This house was listed and sold last year for $3,125,000 to a Buyer that has been flipping houses North of Montana. She did a great job on this one but so far, it has been rejected by the market-place.  Maybe with the new year, a new crop of Buyers will take this into escrow.

227 & 229  4th St.–   2bd + 1ba and 4 rental units in the back.  $1,995,000.   New Listing by Pence Hathorn Silver.  A rare multi family income property North Of Montana Ave. Near Adelaide & 4 blocks from Ocean Ave; This is a house (2+1) plus four apartments in back. Parking for 5 cars in side-by-side garages.  The house and at least one unit will be delivered vacant at COE.

New Sales this Week

601 19th St.  –  5bd + 6ba.  $4,995,000.  Beautiful Mediterranean  with two story atrium-style entry way.  Features wrought iron staircase, vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, top-of-the-line appliances.  Last sold in November 2000 for $2,830,000.

730 San Vicente Blvd. –  3bd + 2ba.  $2,300,000. Corner lot, almost 8,900 sq. ft. Remodel or build new.  Last sold in March 1997 for $1,445,454.

No Closed Deals this Week

 Pence Hathorn Silver Active Properties:

 2009 La Mesa – 6bd + 8ba – $18,900,000

 502 16th St.  – 5bd + 7.5ba – $8,495,000

 6415 Meadows Court – 6bd + 7ba – $5,995,000

 601 17th St. – 5bd + 6ba – $4,600,000

 728 25th St.  – 5bd + 6.5ba – $4,595,000

 217 21st St. – 4bd + 4.5ba – $3,350,000

 227 & 229 4th St. – 2bd + 1ba & 4 units in the back – $1,995,000

 416 Entrada Dr. – 3bd + 1.75ba – $1,595,000

 Search for more homes, see real time analytics and learn about the North Santa Monica / North of Montana  Ave. community on our North of Montana blog.   Add your comments (scroll down to the “Add Your Comment” section) and read other blogs.  And please call my mobile phone (310) 924-4014 with any questions.

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