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Oscar Picks: Top Films of 2010 and the Best Places to See Them

Posted by John Hathorn on February 5, 2011
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My wife and I are making the last push to see all of the Oscar nominated movies before the night of the Oscar Broadcast. So far, all we have left to see are Black Swan and Toy Story 3 and the latter just ain’t gonna happen as our youngest is 15 and we are all Toy Storied out.

There are so many great films nominated this year, but I think it’s a horse race between The Kings Speech and The Social Network. Both are exceptionally made well movies that couldn’t be more different. I’m really hoping The Social Network wins and not only because my friend Josh Pence is a costar and his father has been my business partner at Pence Hathorn Silver for over 20 years.

Consider the impact that Facebook has had on recent world events. Could the massing of people have happened in Egypt or Tunisia without Facebook? The events were largely organized through Twitter, but would Twitter be as popular without Facebook? These two social media platforms are truly changing the world.

I thought The Kids are All Right and True Grit were brilliant. I also enjoyed The Fighter, but even though it was based on a true story, I thought it was too formulaic. Inception was not at all worth the hype. I found Winter’s Bone to be a great story with terrific acting; it was very original and I highly recommend it. I don’t think it even hit the theaters, going instead straight to DVD. This is a fantastic movie and the lead actress is astonishing. Netflix it and I promise you’ll enjoy it. Lastly, I recommend you only watch Blue Valentine if you can handle sad stories.

Most of these movies we watched with our friend, a former Oscar nominee. He screens many of the films and since we have lived in Malibu since 1999 and Malibu has only 1 theater – that is a really special treat. The Malibu Cinema is great but expensive; with two screens it has huge comfortable seating. Its selection isn’t always great, while Santa Monica is paradise for moviegoers. You can see all the mainstream movies and all the Indies. When we were living in Santa Monica, North of Montana Avenue, a special thrill for my wife was watching all the limos arriving in the afternoon picking up our neighbors who were in the entertainment industry.

If you haven’t already, go see some of these great movies before Oscar night.

What films do you still have to see? What are your favorites to win? Please share your opinions and get the conversation started.

Photos courtesy of Kevin H’s Flickr and Scypaxpictures’s Flickr

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