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Santa Monica Embraces Technology: Smart Phone App Helps to Improve City

Posted by admin on February 15, 2011
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Wish there was a way to get that pothole on your street fixed? Now there is and there’s an app for that. Sure we use our smart phones for work and entertainment, but now we can also use them to make our city a nicer place to live in.

There is now a way for citizens  to connect directly to their city government through a new software. By utilizing this technology, we  can actually help improve the efficiency, communication and engagement within our city. There are actually a few different smart phone apps that accomplish this, but the official app for Santa Monica is GORequest.  There is another app that covers all cities nationwide and is available for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry called CitySourced and the company is also based in Santa Monica.

If you are driving through your neighborhood and see graffiti on a wall or a street light that’s burned out, here’s what you do:

  1. Download the app
  2. Take a picture with your phone
  3. Upload the photo through the app
  4. Hit Send

It’s truly that’s easy!  Using the GPS function, the phone will communicate the exact location of the problem and city officials will be alerted.

It’s a faster way to alert the city officials  to neighborhood problems, which will result in a quicker response time. It also helps save money since labor is such a big expense for most cities; anything that can be done to make it more efficient will ultimately help the budget.  It’s a win-win situation.

Now that it’s so easy, there is no excuse not to pitch in and help keep our city safe and clean. Have you used this app before? If so, what has your experience been?  Please share your experiences and leave your comments below.

Photo courtesy of Jphilipg’s Flickr

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