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Santa Monica Snapshot: Ice Cream Stand Off

Posted by Lorine Silver on October 13, 2016
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In lieu of the weather still being in the eighties we thought it was fitting for a Montana Ave sweet treats stand-off.


First stop was Didio’s – a Montana Ave staple for over a decade now.


For $3.95 we got two small scoops of Italian Ice. It’s the friendly alternative for all those who can’t handle dairy.


Next contestant was one everyone is familiar with – Pinkberry.


You can pick from the original or their seasonal flavors. Newest one being – Milk! Up to three free toppings and a luxe for an additional .50 cents. A small serving will run you $4.95.


If you like a real wide variety, then Menchies is your match.


For 50 cents an ounce you can come by for just a taste or for all the colors of the rainbow.


If you’re looking for something frozen, yet vegan, dairy, and gluten free then come by the Frozen Fruit Co.


Their seasonal flavor was pumpkin so we had to indulge. Small size of heaven costs ya – $4.95. You can get two toppings with that.


Lastly, one of the newest and rising favorites – Rori’s Creamery.


For $5 you can mix and match three mini scoops. They have a strong list of house flavors and switch out their seasonal’s often. None of which will disappoint.

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