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Small Town Chain Shuts Its Doors: Hows Grocery Store May Be Closing Down

Posted by John Hathorn on January 8, 2011
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The grocery store closest to our home in Malibu may be closing down. The Hows grocery chain has been on the market for sale for months but, as of now, no buyer has made an offer worth selling for.

Hows is a small chain and we are told the Pasadena store will remain open. Of course there is a Pavillions Market at Point Dume and Ralphs is near the Malibu Colony, but unless a new owner for the Hows in town is found soon, west Malibu will lose a great little store.

Located on some prime Malibu real estate, Hows is located at the western edge of Zuma beach, right where Broad Beach begins.

The relationship between the customers and the employees at this location is what make its closing so difficult because they truly set the highest standard of service, which will be hard to beat.

Here are some things I’ve noticed about the Hows employees:

  • Hows Market Trancas Malibu has the most fun, kind, personable and incredible employees that my neighborhood friends and family have had the pleasure of working with for many years.
  • I have never shopped at a market that had such exceptional employees.
  • It’s hard to even call them that – they are friends and treat their customers like we are practically family.

I worry for these folks for the loss of jobs as they work so hard and yet manage to be so friendly and so personable. It is hard to imagine what, if any company will take over that space. Our hope is that whoever moves in will hire these great people back.

Have you ever shopped at Hows in Malibu? Will you join us and support them during this difficult time? What do you think of the service at your local grocery store? Please leave your comments below.

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