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Watch Out: Here Comes the Parking Ticket!

Posted by Chrles Pence on August 8, 2012
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Get Ready! Santa Monica’s relentlessly timely “Meter Maids” just received an arsenal of brand new technology! With ticket prices already near $70 per violation, the city stands to bring in a truckload of funds by increasing the daily yield of its parking enforcement officers.

You have probably noticed the constant road construction throughout Santa Monica. On Montana Avenue, nestled in the freshly poured asphalt in the center of each metered parking spot, lays a shiny new sensor (see right photo). While easy to miss, these sensors should not be ignored!

Parking sensor with red arrow

When a meter runs out of time the roving meter maid will be alerted to the expired meter! Now meter maids can be routed directly to offending meters rather than driving slowly up and down the street looking for potential violations.

Also, it is time to start paying attention to those 2-hour time limits posted. You will no longer be able to simply re-feed the meter. Any car left at a meter after the posted limit, even with fresh time on the clock will be ticketed. You must find a new parking place or pull out of your existing spot to reset the sensor or else a meter maid will be alerted to your parking transgression!

And finally, the city has created its own “keep the change” program! Now when you leave a parking space, any leftover time on the meter will be zeroed out. Cha-Ch’ing to Santa Monica!

So Drivers, remember to use those cell phone timers and don’t expect to cash in on any of that good karma by leaving your car unattended too long. Otherwise you may end-up with that sweet little Santa Monica thank you note tucked under your wiper blade.


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