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Where to Find Great Hiking Trails in the Santa Monica Mountains

Posted by admin on March 15, 2011
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The Santa Monica Mountains are a great place to spend some time.   Whether you are looking for a leisurely walk or you prefer a more challenging bike or hike, the Santa Monica Mountains has something for everyone.

Sullivan Ridge is located between Rustic Canyon and Sullivan Canyon east of Will Rogers State Park .  The trail will bring you to dirt Mulholland, this will be the summit of this ride.

The Pacific Palisades offers several hiking/biking alternatives. This was done as a loop which started in the Sunset Park area. The Ridge Road is about 6.5 miles and will offer several alternatives. The “single track” sections on the ridge offer a more technical option, as well as more climbing to enjoy on the way down. The single tracks run back up the ridges on either side and give much better rewards on the decent. Most of these sections return to the fire road and lead to the bottom. You will notice other options after you have completed the fire road and enter the pavement sections-I chose to drop into the canyon on a fun trail next to a telephone pole-pay attention or you will not see it.

The canyon had some water features and is a lot of fun to either ride up or down. The sun will exit the canyon sooner and get much colder quicker. The reward is a great sunset as usual.

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