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Super Bowl Sunday: Family, Feasting, Fun and Talk of an NFL Team in Los Angeles

Posted by John Hathorn on February 7, 2011
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Super Bowl Sunday is always an exciting event as family and friends come together to socialize, feast and cheer on their favored team.

I have 3 sons and no daughters, so football is a pretty big deal at our house. 10 or so years ago in pre-flat screen, HD, home-theater days we would gather with a large group of friends at someone’s house to watch the game, but to actually see the game we would have to spread out into separate rooms with each room having a different TV and a different vibe. It was fun but weird. Now that screen and room sizes are so insanely large, and with HD, watching the Super Bowl is much more fun and exciting.

This year, I ended up watching the game with my wife and one of my sons. I had Chinese herb tea recommended by my accupunture doctor. My wife and son were drinking green tea as well and it was perfectly tame, sane and fun. I also won a $25 bet with a buddy so all in all, it was a great day.

I thought Christina sounded terrific even though she blew the lyrics. Many of my friends are saying she added too much to the melody – too many notes, but I feel that singing the style she does is just a current trend. Soon singers will start to trend back to the basics.

I have never seen a Super Bowl game at a bar, but I suppose being surrounded by yelling and screaming fans might add to the excitement. Some of my friends (and my wife) prefer smaller, intimate gatherings and watching the game on the comfort of their couches, with only one or two others clutching their TiVo remotes.  In fact lately my wife seems to be becoming an NFL fan though it may have something to do with her having a crush on Tom Brady and Clay Matthews so maybe calling her a fan is a stretch.

Perhaps she would be more invested if we had the chance to root on a local team. We’ve all heard the talk of building a Football Stadium downtown and all at no cost to us. Does anyone actually believe that? If such a thing comes to fruition I hope the light rail system arrives on the Westside in time so that we can get to the game in a reasonable amount of time. We have enjoyed many Dodger Stadium and Staples Center events, but sitting in traffic for so long can really put a damper on the fun.

Los Angeles needs a football team, but you won’t see me at a game without a traffic plan.

How did you spend Super Bowl Sunday? Did you party it up or play it low-key this year? What do you think of getting an NFL team here in Los Angeles and would you make an effort to support them if we had a team?  Please share your ideas and leave your comments below.

Photos courtesy of Jason Whittaker’s Flickr and Pobrecito33’s Flickr

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