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Buying the Farm

Farmers will get roughly $46 billion from US taxpayers this year (mostly for very large farmers reliant on exports): government support will account for about 40% of total farm income this year. Debt in the farm sector is projected to increase by 4% to a record $434 billion this year and farm bankruptcies have continued to rise across the country, especially for smaller farmers. Meanwhile, the… Continue Reading Buying the Farm

Selling Phil Hill’s 1920s Spanish

About 10 days ago, after a 10 day marketing period and a 7 day escrow our listing at 266 20th St closed escrow. It is an  extraordinary North of Montana home. This property was a realtor’s dream; it was unique, full of character & history and received a flurry of activity from many, very interested buyers. I had intended to share its rich and… Continue Reading Selling Phil Hill’s 1920s Spanish

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The R1 Zoning Dirt

SB 1120 is rushing toward the Assembly floor, possibly Tuesday, September 1st.  It crushes single-family neighborhoods and directly attacks current homeownership by over-riding single-family zoning everywhere. SB 1120 is an attack on single family homeownership at all income levels. It allows apartment building developers, and financial speculators to build up to 4 rental properties where one home now stands – yards and garages are not required. This seems to be an all out assault on single-family home… Continue Reading The R1 Zoning Dirt

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Prime Properties

Just when we were hoping to return to some strange sense of a modified normalcy, we are back to closed restaurants, renewed scrutiny around showing property and no hope of kids going back to school this year. What this means for real estate sales is questionable. Some creative agents have been taking the virtual open house idea to new levels, experimenting with virtual wine… Continue Reading Prime Properties

Looting Aftermath

It is really is disappointing that Santa Monica PD did not do more to protect people and property during the looting a few weeks ago. If you were downtown (or glued to the TV) two weeks ago, you watched protesters on Ocean Avenue surrounded and corralled by large numbers of police while droves of looters descended on our city – completely unchecked. It was… Continue Reading Looting Aftermath

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Virtual Santa Monica Dirt

If you have been wondering what a “virtual open house” or “VR tours” might be, here you go: It used to be that Virtual Reality meant video games and other techy sorts of things but with the pandemic and stay at home orders, VR in real estate has become necessary and widespread. Pence Hathorn Silver has had success with 3D virtual tours well before… Continue Reading Virtual Santa Monica Dirt

Covid-19 – part 3

  A quick story about a recent sale of mine on 17th Street and why I might never return to my pre Covid-19 business practices.   Just after the lock-down last month, I received a call from a woman that knew of me from my sales success in-and-around the North of Montana Ave marketplace. She was looking to sell her deceased mother’s home.  … Continue Reading Covid-19 – part 3

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Testing 1, 2, 3?

You’ve probably already read that Wuhan emerged from its 76-day lockdown last week, implementing mass testing as one of the most important elements to recovery. Across China, officials are simplifying and speeding up the process to obtain a nucleic acid test, even though questions persist about its accuracy. So far, I personally know only one person on the Westside that has tested positive for… Continue Reading Testing 1, 2, 3?

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