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Santa Monica Dirt

Zillow On The Ropes? The Dirt on iBuyers

Have you heard the expression “iBuyer”? The term can be used to mean “internet buyer” but more commonly it means “instant buyer”. The term was coined by companies like Zillow and Opendoor that use price modeling algorithms to value property and who will sometimes buy and quickly resell homes. The consumer draw to selling “iBuyer-style” is the relatively quick and easy turnaround for cash, in as little as 24 hours in some cases as there’s no need for repairs, preparing, staging, or showing the home. This can… Continue Reading Zillow On The Ropes? The Dirt on iBuyers

The Dirt On Single Buyers

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, you are well-aware that it is not easy to buy a home today. Competition is fierce for the few homes that come on the market each week. With mortgage rates remaining relatively low, plenty of people are seeking affordable homes. Among the hopeful buyers are the rising number of one-person households, whose ranks in the… Continue Reading The Dirt On Single Buyers

The Dirt on the SM-MUSD Divorce

Divorce is never easy. Unfortunately, Santa Monica and Malibu never thought about a prenup when they combined their school districts. Now Malibu wants out. Having had 2 of my 3 sons at Franklin Elementary school and then moving to Malibu and having all 3 attend Malibu high, I can easily testify that this has been a very long divorce battle. So long that I… Continue Reading The Dirt on the SM-MUSD Divorce

The Dirt on the Promenade Part 2:
Patrolling Downto...

There is a turf war waging in Santa Monica’s downtown Promenade and it’s not between rival gang members (this time anyway!). Rather, it is between the Promenade’s business owners and the Mayor of Santa Monica. John Alle is a property owner suing the City of Santa Monica over the maintenance of the Promenade, or lack thereof. For months, he has complained to city officials… Continue Reading The Dirt on the Promenade Part 2:
Patrolling Downtown Santa Monica

434 26th Street Exterior

The Dirt on The Dispensaries Part 2

While marijuana is legal in California, Santa Monica residents need to venture outside their neighborhoods to obtain the stuff…. for now. After the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2017, only 2 cannabis companies were able to apply for licenses. After ranking 2nd out of 21 applicants, CPC Compassion Inc. has secured a location at 925 Wilshire Blvd. They were able to apply for a… Continue Reading The Dirt on The Dispensaries Part 2

The Dirt on SB9 and SB10

California’s severe shortage of housing is driving a couple of Senate bills that have neighborhood associations on edge. Proponents for the bill SB9 believe the housing shortage problem stems from it being illegal to build more middle-income housing in 70% of the state. They believe SB9 is the key to fixing this as SB9 makes two important changes to state law: It allows homeowners… Continue Reading The Dirt on SB9 and SB10

239 20th Street sold banner

The Dirt on the Drought

California is facing yet another drought just two years after the last one ended. Our 1,500 reservoirs are at only 50% of their average levels and federal and local agencies have begun to issue water restrictions. “What we are seeing right now is very severe, dry conditions and in some cases and some parts of the west, the lowest in-flows to reservoirs on record,”… Continue Reading The Dirt on the Drought

Exodus Dirt

A few of my friends like to debate this but according to a state Department of Finance report issued in December 2020, it’s estimated that 135,600 more people left California than moved here last year. It’s only the 12th time since 1900 the state has had a net migration loss, and 2020’s was the third largest ever recorded. The percentage of California residents who… Continue Reading Exodus Dirt

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