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Santa Monica Dirt

The Dirt Zone

Loyal readers of my blog will remember my last post about an illegal rent hike here in Santa Monica. You would have to live in a bubble not to know about the housing crisis in America, especially in light of the pandemic. According to municipal and county leaders, more than 1.3 million homes need to be built in the next decade to address the… Continue Reading The Dirt Zone

The Dirt on an Illegal Rent Hike

It hasn’t been easy for anyone during the pandemic, and certainly isn’t helping an already strained relationship between renters and their landlords. Santa Monica is taking aim at landlords who are accused of skirting special protections for renters that have been enacted because of the coronavirus pandemic. The city announced last Friday that it charged the owners of an apartment building on Euclid St.… Continue Reading The Dirt on an Illegal Rent Hike

The Dirt on How Money Walks

Because so many real estate agents read most every issue of Santa Monica Dirt, I want to start with a message to them: Please turn Showing Time off in your MLS settings for any listing that you control (where you are LA1). You will be helping our industry and if you would like to know why I feel this way or if you follow… Continue Reading The Dirt on How Money Walks

The Dirt On The Promenade Vitality Plan

Have you been to the Promenade lately? I went a couple weeks ago, mid-Saturday, and was saddened seeing all the closures. Obviously, the pandemic has been merciless on restaurants and businesses, owners and employees. I couldn’t help but wonder whether all the closures are simply a result of Covid or was this inevitable as a result of the shift away from brick and motor… Continue Reading The Dirt On The Promenade Vitality Plan

The Dirt On The Eviction Moratorium

California state lawmakers on Monday introduced a bill to extend the partial eviction moratorium through June 30, which would give qualifying renters five more months of protection while using federal money to pay off up to 80% of most tenants’ unpaid rent, according to an agreement. The bill would carve out a plan to divide $2.6 billion in federal aid quickly among renters and… Continue Reading The Dirt On The Eviction Moratorium

The Third Degree Dirt

Real Estate reporting service Property Shark recently released its annual ranking of the most expensive ZIP codes in the US and as one could easily predict, California dominated the list with 19 of the top 27 ZIP codes. Many of these zip codes are found in and around Silicon Valley. New York followed with six ZIP codes on the list — three in Manhattan and… Continue Reading The Third Degree Dirt

The Dirt on the Fast-Food Ban

A ban on fast food restaurants in the Third Street Promenade has been retroactively reestablished but Santa Monica’s Planning Commission has asked City Council to revisit the ordinance later this year. In November 2018, in order to ensure that the Promenade maintained its authentic characteristics, City Council adopted an urgency Interim Zoning Ordinance (IZO) to prevent the proliferation of fast food restaurants on the… Continue Reading The Dirt on the Fast-Food Ban

Santa Monica Surcharge Dirt

Wildfires have become a way of life in California, relentlessly ravaging lives and communities. But millions of electric utility customers will continue to be reminded of their potential for more destruction – every month for at least the next 15 years. Beginning last October the state’s three largest investor-owned utilities – Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE) and San Diego Gas… Continue Reading Santa Monica Surcharge Dirt

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