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Testing 1, 2, 3?

You’ve probably already read that Wuhan emerged from its 76-day lockdown last week, implementing mass testing as one of the most important elements to recovery. Across China, officials are simplifying and speeding up the process to obtain a nucleic acid test, even though questions persist about its accuracy. So far, I personally know only one person on the Westside that has tested positive for… Continue Reading Testing 1, 2, 3?

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Covid-19 Dirt – Part 2

Reports show that real estate sales are up in China. What this might mean for Westside real estate sales is not yet clear but the new report by Knight Frank, says the number of real estate sales across China’s 30 largest cities reached 5,976 on March 31st, representing approximately 200 more transactions than in February. New Covid-19 cases in China peaked on February 17th… Continue Reading Covid-19 Dirt – Part 2

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Socially Distant Edition

Clearly this crisis is not only a health crisis but unfortunately, a financial crisis as well. Of course, financial crises have the nasty habit of becoming problematic for real estate sales.   Although many of my clients expect me to predict the future, I am sorry to remind you - I cannot. However, this is not my first time navigating turbulent real estate climates. In my short… Continue Reading Socially Distant Edition

Fighting Over Dirt

According to a recent Harris Poll survey – 77% of home buyers and 71% of home sellers say they’ve argued with a loved one during the process. That seems like an accurate stat to me. I wonder if Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos got into it when he paid $165,000,000 for his new Beverly Hills pad a few weeks ago. The house cost him… Continue Reading Fighting Over Dirt

Super Fresh 2020 Dirt

To all my loyal and faithful Dirt readers; Happy New Year! Did you miss me? I took a few weeks off from writing in the last part of 2019. Ok, maybe it was more than a few weeks. A vocal few of you have successfully shamed into resuming my semi-regular Santa Monica Dirt ramblings so here we go…. First off, if one more person… Continue Reading Super Fresh 2020 Dirt

Size Matters Again

The fix is in. At the City Council meeting last month on the 22nd of October, the Santa Monica council voted 6 -1 in favor of reducing the size for all new projects constructed on R1 lots (single family houses). A significant number of Sunset Park and North of Montana area residents spoke out at the meeting, pleading for a less restrictive ordinance but… Continue Reading Size Matters Again

Emotional Buyers

Some call it “romance”, some call it “emotion”, “a vibe”, or “magic” and some can’t articulate it – but they know it when they see it; a home that has the extra special X factor making it more appealing than other homes. Emotional Pricing But how do you price for it? Do you just add some arbitrary amount to the base price? 20%? 30%,… Continue Reading Emotional Buyers

Santa Monica Dirt For Sale Part 3

Most kids went back to school this week and with Labor Day right around the corner, we expect to see sales increase in September. We’ve already seen a boost in open house traffic at some of our open houses. In the past 90 days, 47 properties north of Montana Ave have been listed for sale and 20 have sold. The most expensive being 324… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt For Sale Part 3

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