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Posted by admin on May 9, 2012
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The Following Article is from the Winter 20007 Newsletter

The big news outside Santa Monica is the “Mansionization” Ordinance that has been creeping through the city of Los Angeles with few hearing the footsteps. The city council agreed to the general structure in June 2007 with changes in July and September. The allowable building square footage is dropping dramatically and also the mass restrictions are going to change, resulting in smaller second floors. In some cases where four or five bedrooms may have worked upstairs there may only be enough room for three under the new ordinance. At first blush it looks like it may have a big impact on many homeowners especially the owners of large lots-the larger the lot the more restrictive the new changes appear to be. Implementation is expected very soon, probably early 2008. If you, a family member, friend or client have property in Los Angeles and have been thinking about a large remodel or building a new home you need to have your plans into the city before the implementation or they may be considered under the new guidelines. For details call us at 310-458-4024 or e-mail us at and leave your e-mail or home address and we will send you the latest summary of details. If we can be of any service to you or a friend please call us.

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