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Posted by admin on May 4, 2012
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The Following Article is from the Summer 2006 Newsletter 
  1. We’ve heard that the market has leveled off and seems like it is headed down.  The number of listings have been going up and more of them are staying in the market for more than one month.  We’ve been thinking of selling our home for sometime now.  Is this the right time to sell our house? What should we expect in this new market?


Timing the market to “cash in” can be disastrous if you miss-read the market. I think that the more relevant questions are; why are we selling? And where are we going to move?

That being said, it seems that we are moving into a slower moving market where properties take more time to sell and buyers have more inventory from which to choose.  I see the market cooling off and appreciation slowing down to a more normal rate, but I don’t see prices falling more than a few percent.  The west side’s limited housing inventory and huge demand will always be our saving grace and prevent our real estate from seeing a depreciating market, a market we may see in other parts of the country.

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