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Dirt on Millennials

With a whopping 75.4 million millennials, said to want to buy homes, one would think that their pent-up demand would sustain the market for a decade or more. Did you know that millennials are now the largest generation of all-time. You would not notice this on the Westside but the economic recovery from the last recession has only slowly been rising nationally. For a… Continue Reading Dirt on Millennials

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The New Year

The Following Article is from the Winter 2010 Newsletter What will 2010 look like in the Westside real estate market? Many of the real estate professionals, with whom I speak have said they believe 2010 will be much like 2009. I don’t agree. Even though we seem to be in a similar paced market, the variables which affect the market have changed and in… Continue Reading The New Year

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The New Market

 The Following Article is from the Summer 2010 Newsletter We have entered a new era of real estate.  We have a new world economy, new banking guidelines, potentially new tax ramification for homeownership, new expectations from buyers and sellers alike, new communication and marketing technologies and a new breed of real estate agent.  When you mix it all together what effect is it having… Continue Reading The New Market

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The Following Article is from the Summer 2007 Newsletter Q.  I need to sell my property as quickly as possible.  How do I get top-dollar fast? ANSWER: In an active market, like the west side, selling your house for top dollar and selling quickly usually go hand-in-hand.  A house needs to be priced accurately and marketed properly in order to attract all of the… Continue Reading PHS Q & A SUMMER 2007

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