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Common Sense Dirt

It seems like I keep yapping about traffic and pedestrians and safety in Santa Monica so this will be my last rant… until 2018. I promise. The pedestrian hit by the Expo train probably does not read my blog, but lucky for him, he survived. As I mentioned back in May, this year had a record number of pedestrian deaths in Santa Monica.  There… Continue Reading Common Sense Dirt

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Santa Monica Dirt on Distracted Driving

I am writing this today deeply disturbed and saddened by an incident that occurred last Sunday evening. A colleague of mine was walking in the crosswalk at 15th and Montana and was struck by a driver turning left. Today this friend is out of a coma but still recovering in the ICU. This could have easily been a fatality and we are praying for… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt on Distracted Driving

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