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Where Are We In The Cycle?

Teh Following Article is from the Fall 2011 Newsletter There is actually no encompassing cycle, just different cycles for different markets, which is not easily understood in these financial times. It goes back to whether you are looking at the macro view, the world, or the micro view, your own neighborhood. In the Westside markets’ most desirable neighborhoods home prices have been flat for… Continue Reading Where Are We In The Cycle?

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Buying Power

The Following Article is from the Winter 2010 Newsletter We all know people who have fallen on hard times due to the economy, but there is a bright side to some who have been saving for years to buy their dream home… and are still gainfully employed. For a young family, living in an area with a good school district is of the utmost… Continue Reading Buying Power

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The Following Article is from the Winter 2007 Newsletter If  you’ve been  paying even  the slightest attention  to the news in the real estate  industry, you have been inundated with information on the credit crunch – arguably the most significant financial event to occur in the last decade or perhaps ever in the residential and commercial real estate markets. While much of what has been… Continue Reading THE UPSIDE OF THE CREDIT CRUNCH

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Mortgage Rate News

The Following Article is from the Fall 2006 Newsletter The slumping national housing sector helped slow U.S.economic growth in the third quarter to its weakest pace in more than three years, the Commerce Department reported at the end of October. Leading financial markets to raise bets on interest-rate cuts next year.  Gross domestic product, which measures total economic activity withinU.S. borders, expanded at a… Continue Reading Mortgage Rate News

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