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A Look at Private Homes Sales

The Following Article is from the Sping 2012 Newsletter In past years private sales were definitely the exception. With inventory dropping precipitously in North Santa Monica, and on the west side generally, private sales are becoming the new thing.  A private sale is defined as a property that sells without coming on the public market and not being promoted through the multiple listing service.… Continue Reading A Look at Private Homes Sales

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The Following Article is from the Winter 2007 Newsletter The Westside real estate market seems to be impervious to what is happening on the rest of the nation, including many areas in Los Angeles. While we have steady activity in the single-family home market, the condominium market is definitely softer with 180 + units on the market for sale right now. The single family… Continue Reading MARKET OUTLOOK

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The Following Article is from the Spring 2007 Newsletter NOTHING was selling, now EVERYTHING is selling…what a difference a month makes.  The inventory in Santa Monica from April-October 2006 grew quickly while discretionary buyers sat on the sidelines.  The increasing inventory peaked in October and began easing in November.  In January this year buyers that needed to buy came back into the market with… Continue Reading MOVING, MOVING, MOVING

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Santa Monica Real Estate: January Market Update

A new year has begun and it’s time for a review of the real estate market in Santa Monica as it performed at the end of 2010 and in January of this year. Inventory is way down. The market is setting itself up for a busy year with interest rates still low, and prices are stable because of such little selection.  Buyers all flock… Continue Reading Santa Monica Real Estate: January Market Update

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