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The Following Article is from the Winter 2010 Newsletter Could the controversial appraisal system strong armed nationwide by the New York Attorney General with political aspiration — and now tied to lowball property valuations, busted home sale transactions and higher fees to consumers — be on its way out? It just might be. Under a bipartisan amendment approved Oct. 22 by the House Financial… Continue Reading CONTROVERSIAL APPRAISAL RULES IMPLEMENTED BY POLITICIANS MAY GET THE BOOT

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Forced Mortgage Repurchases

The Following Article is from the Winter 2010 Newsletter Forced repurchases of soured U.S. mortgages may be the biggest issue facing banks, even as errors in the foreclosure process draw attention to other industry risks.  Future losses from repurchases of home loans whose quality failed to meet sellers’ promises will likely total $55 billion to $120 billion for the next five years accordingly to… Continue Reading Forced Mortgage Repurchases

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The New Market

 The Following Article is from the Summer 2010 Newsletter We have entered a new era of real estate.  We have a new world economy, new banking guidelines, potentially new tax ramification for homeownership, new expectations from buyers and sellers alike, new communication and marketing technologies and a new breed of real estate agent.  When you mix it all together what effect is it having… Continue Reading The New Market

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The Following Article is from the Spring 2007 Newsletter Sub-Prime Spillover to A Paper Loans? Within the last few weeks, the sub-prime mortgage lending industry has been at the center of the financial news presenting significant challenges for some firms in the industry. The troubles plaguing lenders of risky mortgages are not likely to spill over into the broader economy unless housing prices see… Continue Reading INTEREST BEARING NOTES

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