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Common Sense Dirt

It seems like I keep yapping about traffic and pedestrians and safety in Santa Monica so this will be my last rant… until 2018. I promise. The pedestrian hit by the Expo train probably does not read my blog, but lucky for him, he survived. As I mentioned back in May, this year had a record number of pedestrian deaths in Santa Monica.  There… Continue Reading Common Sense Dirt

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Dirt on Income Property

In the beginning of the year I wrote about Santa Monica having the most expensive rent in the nation. The demand for rentals continues to rise and available rentals, especially units priced less than $5,000 are leasing very quickly. The Los Angeles Times wrote about a study done by Zillow that a 5% rental price increase could cause a spike in homelessness if more… Continue Reading Dirt on Income Property

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Fault Maps and Real Estate Dirt

A new earthquake fault map that includes Santa Monica, Brentwood and the Pacific Palisades was just released.  According to the Los Angeles Times, this map has had a long delay due to budget cuts however, state government officials have made it a priority to complete these maps and have approved a budget to do so. In the meantime, the state has set forth stricter… Continue Reading Fault Maps and Real Estate Dirt

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The Following Article is from the Fall 2006 Newsletter As an article in the Los Angeles Times so aptly put it, “There is no consistency or predictability in the real estate market inSouthern California.”  The market is “still going up” or “it is finally going down” as prognosticated by market gurus the last five years or “it is running sideways, a flat market.”  These are the… Continue Reading IT’S AS CLEAR AS MUD!

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Southern California Climate Change: King Tides Threate...

In our 12 years of living in Malibu, we have come to learn both the beauty and power of the ocean. For every day of walking at sunset at extreme low tide, we have also learned to respect the power and fury of a stormy ocean and extreme high tides. In Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times, I learned of a term I had never heard… Continue Reading Southern California Climate Change: King Tides Threaten Homes on Malibu’s Coastline

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