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Traffic Dirt

Westside traffic can be a soul crushing experience. Did you know that the Westside of Los Angeles is ranked as the worst traffic-clogged urban area in the entire US? The old approach of in civil engineering has been simply to build more roads. Sadly, that has never seemed to resolve the traffic problems. Do you remember when rush hour was an hour? Now it’s… Continue Reading Traffic Dirt

Spring Market Has Sprung

Multiple offers and sales closing well over the list price are again the norm this Spring in the north Santa Monica market. This dirt is hot! 251 24th is a two-story Spanish style home on the corner of 24th and Georgina that listed 10 days ago for $5,995,000. $6.3, or better, was the counter offer to all bidders. It’s a very romantic, emotional home… Continue Reading Spring Market Has Sprung

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The Dirt On Print

In today’s high-tech digital age I often get asked why we still use print marketing when selling homes.  It’s no secret our marketing team and partners love to use digital avenues but here are 5 reasons why I continue to market homes using print. Our demographic is incredibly dynamic. Selling homes North of Montana for over 20 years has taught me that the types… Continue Reading The Dirt On Print

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The Dirt on California Property Taxes

We just listed one of the nicest 2-story Spanish homes to come to the market in decades! 242 24th Street– Listed for $4,495,000 is a 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths house with a guest room over the garage. This is a really charming and romantic, wonderfully updated since it’s original construction in 1928. Our first showings were yesterday and we’ve had a huge turn-out. Several… Continue Reading The Dirt on California Property Taxes

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Santa Monica Dirt Myths Debunked

It’s interesting and sometimes funny what people think about our local real estate market. A common question from Sellers and Buyers is “Aren’t the Chinese buying up all this real estate at inflated prices?” Here I give you my perspective on Chinese investment and a few other common misconceptions. Chinese are the largest segment of Buyers here now. Over the last couple of years,… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt Myths Debunked

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Dirt On Special Requests

Some Neighborhood News: Did you hear that Bird Scooters settle their legal battle with Santa Monica? And, there was a big closing this week on 19th Street. 235 19th Street   is a 6 bedroom, 9 bathrooms new spec home. It closed this week at  $8,375,000. This is a whopper of a sale. The house is 8,300 sqft on a 8,938 sqft lot! It has… Continue Reading Dirt On Special Requests

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Seems like the water cooler conversations never really change for me. Here are the most common questions: How’s the market? Fortunately for those living North of Montana, prices are continuing to increase. Typically the Spring is the busiest time in the business, new “inventory” begins to come to the market, usually right after  Super Bowl Sunday. Last year I sold an East Coast Traditional,… Continue Reading The FAQ DIRT

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