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Zillow On The Ropes? The Dirt on iBuyers

Have you heard the expression “iBuyer”? The term can be used to mean “internet buyer” but more commonly it means “instant buyer”. The term was coined by companies like Zillow and Opendoor that use price modeling algorithms to value property and who will sometimes buy and quickly resell homes. The consumer draw to selling “iBuyer-style” is the relatively quick and easy turnaround for cash, in as little as 24 hours in some cases as there’s no need for repairs, preparing, staging, or showing the home. This can… Continue Reading Zillow On The Ropes? The Dirt on iBuyers

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Year-Over-Year Market Snapshot

The Numbers; Down and Dirty Year-Over-Year Comparison Friends, clients and colleagues keep asking me how the market is right now. Depending on who is asking, I might say, “great” or “choppy” or “It depends, are you asking as a buyer, a seller or a voyeur”? The point is that the answer really depends on why you are asking. Buyers and brokers are still complaining… Continue Reading Year-Over-Year Market Snapshot

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Santa Monica Snapshot – The Detox Market

We are really thrilled about Montana Ave’s latest addition – the Detox Market. The goal of this business is to deliver the purest products to support healthy lifestyles. The market carries everything from skincare items, to make up, cleanses and body care. One of their main focuses is detoxing and cleansing your body. One of their best sellers is the Moon Juice “Beauty Dust”-… Continue Reading Santa Monica Snapshot – The Detox Market

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The Dirt on Recent Crime

As compared to other nearby cities of this size, Santa Monica residents who live North of Montana Ave experience a very low crime rate. The most common crimes are theft and robbery. In a very rare (1st time in my 30 years here) and really shocking incident last month, a man wearing a mask (similar to what was worn in the movie Scream), broke… Continue Reading The Dirt on Recent Crime

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Signs of Recovery

The Following Article is from the Spring 2011 Newsletter Although I do not have a crystal ball, there are some very compelling signs that our market is on the road to recovery.  In our micro, Santa Monica Westside market, it seems that we are currently at the bottom and looking up.  Inventory is extremely low, well priced homes are likely to elicit multiple offers,… Continue Reading Signs of Recovery

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The Following Article is from the Winter 2010 Newsletter For the last three or four years North Santa Monica had been strolling along, seemingly unaffected by the housing meltdown around the world.  The inventory of homes for sale was increasing, but not at an alarming rate.  Homeowners that HAD to sell were few and far between. If a buyer wanted to own a home… Continue Reading WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES

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The Following Article is from the Winter 2007 Newsletter The Westside real estate market seems to be impervious to what is happening on the rest of the nation, including many areas in Los Angeles. While we have steady activity in the single-family home market, the condominium market is definitely softer with 180 + units on the market for sale right now. The single family… Continue Reading MARKET OUTLOOK

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The Following Article is from the Summer 2007 Newsletter Generally real estate values fluctuate as a whole by city, state or region. That has changed here on the Westside! Values are varying from neighborhood to neighborhood in Los Angeles. Proximity to the ocean, large-scale new construction projects and major traffic congestion are common variables for this change in value. The values on the Westside… Continue Reading THE REAL ESTATE MARKET IS UP AND DOWN …DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU LIVE

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