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Random Crime and Dirt

In spite of recent events North Santa Monica is still one of the safest places to live on the Westside. If you want more info on crime and safety, this Thursday from 7-9pm, NOMA (North of Montana Neighborhood Association) is hosting a meeting at Franklin School on Montana and 24th Street.  North of Montana residents have always been keenly aware of how important neighborhood… Continue Reading Random Crime and Dirt

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Santa Monica Dirt | NOMO Hedges Redux

Recently several North of Montana residences have been issued notices for upcoming court hearings in regards to pending hedge height modifications. This has been a long time battle between neighbors in favor of, and some opposing, the current height restrictions. Those in favor prefer privacy, greenery aesthetics, environmental benefits and more security while those opposed complain that tall hedges blocks light and air from… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt | NOMO Hedges Redux

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