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Santa Monica Snapshot: Outstanding Staircases

It may not be on the top of your priority list when looking for a home to purchase, but staircases can very much define a property’s aesthetic. From astonishing features to the latest state-of–the–art finishes. These staircases are statement pieces all on their own. A whimsical spiral staircase, a sharp contrast of black and white with great art walls for your most eye-catching pieces.… Continue Reading Santa Monica Snapshot: Outstanding Staircases

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Super Dirt

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? The game is only a little over a week away and even if your team didn’t make it to the Superbowl, it is still fun and exciting to watch. Some look forward to the half-time show, others the commercials but we all are excited for the food. On average about 8 million pounds of avocados are sold for… Continue Reading Super Dirt

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Lots, Builders and Property Values

Its seems that property values north of Montana were recovering nicely last year, until all of a sudden they catapulted up to what there were at the height of the market in 06-07, seemingly disregarding the economy and the rest of the Country’s “slow recovery”.  There are other pockets in LA that have experienced a similar phenomenon, but none quite as pronounced as Santa… Continue Reading Lots, Builders and Property Values

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The Price for Dirt

The value of a land value property has been hotly debated among most local builders, real estate agents, buyers and the very few sellers that are active in the market right now. The trouble with accurate valuations is that there are not enough sales to draw an accurate answer. 60X149 Gillette lots have sold and closed in the past 6 months for as low… Continue Reading The Price for Dirt

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Santa Barbara Dirt

The average sales price in the North of Montana area in 2012 was $3.3 million. Since the only consistent area that comes to mind when our clients move away from Santa Monica is the Santa Barbara area, I thought it might be fun to show readers what $3.3 million buys you just a few hours up the coast. Right now in Santa Barbara you… Continue Reading Santa Barbara Dirt

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Santa Monica Dirt: Common Knowledge or Dirty Little Se...

Right now, between Montana Avenue and San Vicente there are only 8 homes available for sale. There are 10 homes under contract (in escrow) and 23 have closed in the past 90 days. Of the 10 homes in escrow, 9 of them had multiple offers when sold. The “Backup” column indicates that the home is still being shown for backup offer purposes (contingencies have… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt: Common Knowledge or Dirty Little Secret?

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