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Happy New Year Everyone!

2014 was a busy year for most Westside real estate agents. We saw very competitive, multiple offers for 99% of the properties that were for sale. Most agree that more of the same is coming our way in 2015. I network with the most productive 1% of agents across the nation and this has been true of most upper end market places. And, despite… Continue Reading Happy New Year Everyone!

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Santa Monica Real Estate Market Update: Home Sales Up ...

The Santa Monica real estate market is showing signs of a fairly stable, seller’s market. For the first time since the real estate price peak in 2005 and 2006 when the median high reached as high as $1,040,000, Santa Monica in 2011 saw a 7% increase in sales prices in median single family home sales at $1,549,000 and 4% growth for condos at $765,000.

Positive indicators for sellers were that while buyers were continuing to compete (sometimes in multiple bidding situations) for what is considered a healthy but not plentiful amount of inventory for sale, the number of days on market shortened to 62 days, and the overall sales values were up…. all positives for a seller Continue Reading Santa Monica Real Estate Market Update: Home Sales Up 4 – 7% in 2011

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