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The Dirt on Who Is Buying: The New Neighbors of the We...

With Westside real estate prices at all-time highs, people have once again been asking me “who are the people buying all these expensive properties?” I answered that question back in May of 2019 and here is my update for 2022. Buyers of some of our recent transactions include: A financial services executive who closed last week on an Ocean Avenue, North of Montana, penthouse condo that… Continue Reading The Dirt on Who Is Buying: The New Neighbors of the Westside

The Dirt on SB 9 Part 2: The Fight Over Zoning Continu...

I’ve heard from most of my friends and clients that they oppose SB 9 and 10 and worry about the consequences of the bills. If you are like most people living in an R1 zoned area you might be happy to learn that some cities in California are pushing back. As you probably recall, senate bills 9 and 10 allow for the building of duplexes and fourplexes… Continue Reading The Dirt on SB 9 Part 2: The Fight Over Zoning Continues

Traffic Dirt

Westside traffic can be a soul crushing experience. Did you know that the Westside of Los Angeles is ranked as the worst traffic-clogged urban area in the entire US? The old approach of in civil engineering has been simply to build more roads. Sadly, that has never seemed to resolve the traffic problems. Do you remember when rush hour was an hour? Now it’s… Continue Reading Traffic Dirt

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The Dirt On Smart Home Tech

First… In real estate news, there are 7 new listings! 144 Adelaide Drive- Listed at $11,999,000. This is a really special house and piece of land! 1907 Craftsman with incredible views on a huge 20,000+ sqft lot. Park-like grounds surround the 5,500 sqft 5 bedroom house. Properties like this do not come on the market often. Last sold in 1997 for $3,075,000. 1427 Georgina… Continue Reading The Dirt On Smart Home Tech

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Common Sense Dirt

It seems like I keep yapping about traffic and pedestrians and safety in Santa Monica so this will be my last rant… until 2018. I promise. The pedestrian hit by the Expo train probably does not read my blog, but lucky for him, he survived. As I mentioned back in May, this year had a record number of pedestrian deaths in Santa Monica.  There… Continue Reading Common Sense Dirt

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Santa Monica Dirt | Real Estate News and Community Eve...

For the past few years, I have been hearing people ask for a “done, move-in condition, new or nearly new”  home but that they don’t care about a basement and “don’t want or need huge.” We finally have it! In fact we have two Beautiful, 4,900 square foot homes on 60X149 Gillette’s lots for only $6.5M! We expect both homes to be ready within… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt | Real Estate News and Community Events

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Happy New Year Everyone!

2014 was a busy year for most Westside real estate agents. We saw very competitive, multiple offers for 99% of the properties that were for sale. Most agree that more of the same is coming our way in 2015. I network with the most productive 1% of agents across the nation and this has been true of most upper end market places. And, despite… Continue Reading Happy New Year Everyone!

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