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Santa Monica School Dirt

Used to be that right after Labor Day was when children went back to school and parents would resume shopping for new homes. Now, with school calendar having shifted, summer vacations tend to be scattered and it is a little tougher to predict the rhythm and flow of the market. What used to by typical seasonal slowdowns because of school/family vacations are now easily… Continue Reading Santa Monica School Dirt

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Battle of the Birds!

Have you noticed the new “Lime” scooters alongside the notorious Birds? Of course you have. They are on nearly every street and corner of the City. The company, LimeBike, dropped the “bike” and is now (also) in the electric scooter transportation business. The competition is yet another hit to Bird’s business after a $300k legal battle over allegations that Bird failed secure a business… Continue Reading Battle of the Birds!

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Top 10 Most Popular Home Additions

I was recently talking with colleagues about some of the popular and cool changes we’ve been seeing over the past few years in home construction.   I asked each of them which of the following 10 items they think have made the biggest improvement in the enjoyment of a home: Sonos Music Systems Crestron type control systems Nest Thermostats Gadget type toilets Hue lighting… Continue Reading Top 10 Most Popular Home Additions

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Year-Over-Year Market Snapshot

The Numbers; Down and Dirty Year-Over-Year Comparison Friends, clients and colleagues keep asking me how the market is right now. Depending on who is asking, I might say, “great” or “choppy” or “It depends, are you asking as a buyer, a seller or a voyeur”? The point is that the answer really depends on why you are asking. Buyers and brokers are still complaining… Continue Reading Year-Over-Year Market Snapshot

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The Dirt On Print

In today’s high-tech digital age I often get asked why we still use print marketing when selling homes.  It’s no secret our marketing team and partners love to use digital avenues but here are 5 reasons why I continue to market homes using print. Our demographic is incredibly dynamic. Selling homes North of Montana for over 20 years has taught me that the types… Continue Reading The Dirt On Print

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