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Traffic Dirt

Westside traffic can be a soul crushing experience. Did you know that the Westside of Los Angeles is ranked as the worst traffic-clogged urban area in the entire US? The old approach of in civil engineering has been simply to build more roads. Sadly, that has never seemed to resolve the traffic problems. Do you remember when rush hour was an hour? Now it’s… Continue Reading Traffic Dirt

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Santa Monica Dirt Roundup

Lots going on in Santa Monica! Topics that I wrote about before have circled back, some with major updates and others, not so major. Santa Monica airport- The FAA and the City have an agreement to close the airport officially in 2028.  The City originally wanted to cut the runway to only 2,000 ft but have settled with shortening it to 3,500 ft. The… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt Roundup

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Residents Argue Pros and Cons of Community Airport

The Following Article is from the Fall 2011 Newsletter After all these years, the Santa Monica Airport debate continues to rage. With the recent plane crash into a Sunset Park home (luckily only minor injuries resulted) the debate is as lively as ever. The 20 year FAA contract will be up in 2015 and many neighbors and council members are fighting to have the… Continue Reading Residents Argue Pros and Cons of Community Airport

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Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport Set to Op...

Whether you’re an avid aviation enthusiast or have an interest in American ingenuity, the Museum of Flying is scheduled to open its doors in early 2012 at the Santa Monica Airport. With an exhibit and display area that spreads across approximately 22,000 square feet, the Museum will feature nearly two dozen aircraft, including a Wright Flyer replica, the BD-5 micro jet, the nose section… Continue Reading Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport Set to Open in 2012

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