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Supercharged Dirt

A few years ago Tesla announced a plan to start building a V3 Supercharger station located at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard. With a whopping 62 charging stalls, this would have been the largest V3 Supercharger facility in the world. The current largest all-V3 Supercharging station is located at Firebaugh, California at 56 stalls. On March 3rd, the Santa Monica Planning Commission finally approved the project… Continue Reading Supercharged Dirt

The Dirt Zone

Loyal readers of my blog will remember my last post about an illegal rent hike here in Santa Monica. You would have to live in a bubble not to know about the housing crisis in America, especially in light of the pandemic. According to municipal and county leaders, more than 1.3 million homes need to be built in the next decade to address the… Continue Reading The Dirt Zone

The Dirt on an Illegal Rent Hike

It hasn’t been easy for anyone during the pandemic, and certainly isn’t helping an already strained relationship between renters and their landlords. Santa Monica is taking aim at landlords who are accused of skirting special protections for renters that have been enacted because of the coronavirus pandemic. The city announced last Friday that it charged the owners of an apartment building on Euclid St.… Continue Reading The Dirt on an Illegal Rent Hike

The Dirt on the Fast-Food Ban

A ban on fast food restaurants in the Third Street Promenade has been retroactively reestablished but Santa Monica’s Planning Commission has asked City Council to revisit the ordinance later this year. In November 2018, in order to ensure that the Promenade maintained its authentic characteristics, City Council adopted an urgency Interim Zoning Ordinance (IZO) to prevent the proliferation of fast food restaurants on the… Continue Reading The Dirt on the Fast-Food Ban

Santa Monica Surcharge Dirt

Wildfires have become a way of life in California, relentlessly ravaging lives and communities. But millions of electric utility customers will continue to be reminded of their potential for more destruction – every month for at least the next 15 years. Beginning last October the state’s three largest investor-owned utilities – Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE) and San Diego Gas… Continue Reading Santa Monica Surcharge Dirt

Spring Market Has Sprung

Multiple offers and sales closing well over the list price are again the norm this Spring in the north Santa Monica market. This dirt is hot! 251 24th is a two-story Spanish style home on the corner of 24th and Georgina that listed 10 days ago for $5,995,000. $6.3, or better, was the counter offer to all bidders. It’s a very romantic, emotional home… Continue Reading Spring Market Has Sprung

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The DIRT on Homelessness in Santa Monica

The increase in crime and homelessness this year in Santa Monica has been a bigger problem than usual. The Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) receives close to 3,000 non-emergency calls per month regarding a homeless person. In 2017 Santa Monica had a homeless population increase by 26%. To be fair, most surrounding cities also have had a significant increase this past year. Some blame… Continue Reading The DIRT on Homelessness in Santa Monica

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Santa Monica Dirt

Every year you see the ice rink set up in Santa Monica and every year you say that you are going to skate, so c’mon, do it. Ice at Santa Monica Grand Opening event is November 8, 2017 from 6:30-10pm. Admission is free! Also remember to bring an unwrapped gift to be donated to the Santa Monica Police Activities League Toy Drive. November 4,… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt

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