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The Dirt on SB 9 Part 2: The Fight Over Zoning Continu...

I’ve heard from most of my friends and clients that they oppose SB 9 and 10 and worry about the consequences of the bills. If you are like most people living in an R1 zoned area you might be happy to learn that some cities in California are pushing back. As you probably recall, senate bills 9 and 10 allow for the building of duplexes and fourplexes… Continue Reading The Dirt on SB 9 Part 2: The Fight Over Zoning Continues

The Dirt On Single Buyers

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, you are well-aware that it is not easy to buy a home today. Competition is fierce for the few homes that come on the market each week. With mortgage rates remaining relatively low, plenty of people are seeking affordable homes. Among the hopeful buyers are the rising number of one-person households, whose ranks in the… Continue Reading The Dirt On Single Buyers

The Dirt on the Promenade Part 2:
Patrolling Downto...

There is a turf war waging in Santa Monica’s downtown Promenade and it’s not between rival gang members (this time anyway!). Rather, it is between the Promenade’s business owners and the Mayor of Santa Monica. John Alle is a property owner suing the City of Santa Monica over the maintenance of the Promenade, or lack thereof. For months, he has complained to city officials… Continue Reading The Dirt on the Promenade Part 2:
Patrolling Downtown Santa Monica

The Dirt on SB9 and SB10

California’s severe shortage of housing is driving a couple of Senate bills that have neighborhood associations on edge. Proponents for the bill SB9 believe the housing shortage problem stems from it being illegal to build more middle-income housing in 70% of the state. They believe SB9 is the key to fixing this as SB9 makes two important changes to state law: It allows homeowners… Continue Reading The Dirt on SB9 and SB10

Exodus Dirt

A few of my friends like to debate this but according to a state Department of Finance report issued in December 2020, it’s estimated that 135,600 more people left California than moved here last year. It’s only the 12th time since 1900 the state has had a net migration loss, and 2020’s was the third largest ever recorded. The percentage of California residents who… Continue Reading Exodus Dirt

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Santa Monica Snapshot: Glamorous Kitchens

Possibly the most popular room in the house, kitchens are the crown jewel of homes today. From modern to traditional designers are using a clever mix of materials to create show stopping rooms. Here are a few of my favorite kitchen designs. Floor to ceiling grey cabinetry is quite stunning, mixed with bronze accents and beautiful light fixtures. Cozy beach-side kitchens complete with white… Continue Reading Santa Monica Snapshot: Glamorous Kitchens

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The Dirt on Real Estate Agent Production

Each year REAL Trends ranks the top real estate professionals in the United States by transaction sides and sales volume. This ranking is done in partnership with The Wall Street Journal. The application process begins in January and ends in March and requires independent third-party verification on every sales professional and team, including their status as an individual sales professional or part of a… Continue Reading The Dirt on Real Estate Agent Production

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Bigbelly or Big Problem?

  By now you must have noticed the new Bigbelly solar bins that were installed about a year ago on Montana Avenue. A good idea but there are some serious flaws.  In order to throw your trash away you must use the handle. Now I’m not one of those Purell toting germaphobes but if I can easily avoid touching handles as groady as these, I do. The second thing is the smell,… Continue Reading Bigbelly or Big Problem?

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