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Conspiracy Dirt

Can you imagine that our iconic Santa Monica Pier could be part of a conspiracy of gang activity, turf wars, and umbrellas used as weapons? Hold onto your tinfoil hats for this one because this is one wild ride. Rumor has it that our SM Pier is home to an alleged crime syndicate called the Murcia Family Gang. According to SM Observed, a conservative leaning publication,… Continue Reading Conspiracy Dirt

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The Dirt on 2 Wheels

Have you seen or ridden the Bird? There is a new way to scoot around Santa Monica these days. Bird electric ride share scooters are created by a Santa Monica based company. Bird Rides Inc prefers to call the scooters “short range electric vehicles.” These “Birds” have a GPS tracking device so that they are easy to rent and prevent theft. Super inexpensive only… Continue Reading The Dirt on 2 Wheels

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Common Sense Dirt

It seems like I keep yapping about traffic and pedestrians and safety in Santa Monica so this will be my last rant… until 2018. I promise. The pedestrian hit by the Expo train probably does not read my blog, but lucky for him, he survived. As I mentioned back in May, this year had a record number of pedestrian deaths in Santa Monica.  There… Continue Reading Common Sense Dirt

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Random Crime and Dirt

In spite of recent events North Santa Monica is still one of the safest places to live on the Westside. If you want more info on crime and safety, this Thursday from 7-9pm, NOMA (North of Montana Neighborhood Association) is hosting a meeting at Franklin School on Montana and 24th Street.  North of Montana residents have always been keenly aware of how important neighborhood… Continue Reading Random Crime and Dirt

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Santa Monica Dirt

People often ask me “what famous people live around here?” Well, you don’t have to look very hard or long for a celebrity sighting – athletes, actors, producers and musicians have long been attracted to the Westside and Santa Monica in particular. Here is some dirt you might not have known about: Lady Gaga was recently spotted looking at a remodeled Spanish home during… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt

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Monopolistic Disintegration

What a difference 35 years makes. I began my real estate career in 1978, in Santa Monica. At that time there were 321 real estate offices or brokerages from Hollywood to Malibu, mostly “Mom and Pop” shops. Today I would be surprised if that number is 100, including all the offices of mega companies. There were 12 companies with two or more offices and… Continue Reading Monopolistic Disintegration

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Pocket Listings

What is a pocket listing? As we have discussed in the past, a pocket listing is a property that is available for sale but is not known to the general public. They are, many times, known only by top agents who share information privately amongst themselves.  By seller’s requests, these properties don’t appear in the local Multiple Listing Services, and they generally aren’t advertised… Continue Reading Pocket Listings

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