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Conspiracy Dirt

Can you imagine that our iconic Santa Monica Pier could be part of a conspiracy of gang activity, turf wars, and umbrellas used as weapons? Hold onto your tinfoil hats for this one because this is one wild ride. Rumor has it that our SM Pier is home to an alleged crime syndicate called the Murcia Family Gang. According to SM Observed, a conservative leaning publication,… Continue Reading Conspiracy Dirt

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Santa Monica Snapshot: Santa Monica Pier

The world famous pier was built in 1909, of course it has gone through many changes and upgrades since then. This is one of my favorite summertime places in Santa Monica; I have wonderful memories taking my children and now my grandchildren for a fun filled day. In 1915 they decided to add an additional structure to the pier for an amusement park known… Continue Reading Santa Monica Snapshot: Santa Monica Pier

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Fun Activities for the Family in Santa Monica

I am a father of two toddlers, Logan is 3 and Olivia is 1. When my wife and I have a simultaneous day off we like to have an extra special family outing, but we seldom have the energy for a Disneyland or San Diego Zoo excursion. I have found a few local Sunday activities that the kids think are special treats, and my… Continue Reading Fun Activities for the Family in Santa Monica

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