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The Dirt on Capital Gains

President Biden is set to work on the next phase of his economic agenda — a sprawling collection of programs that would invest in infrastructure, education, carbon-reduction and working parents. These infrastructure proposals are likely to require trillions of dollars in new tax revenue aimed at large corporations and high-income individuals. While Economists on both sides of the aisle are pleading their cases for,… Continue Reading The Dirt on Capital Gains

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Year End Santa Monica Dirt Numbers and Statistics

2016 is coming to a close and naturally real estate activity has quieted down. The north of Montana Ave. market has remained one of the hotter areas as compared to Brentwood and the Pacific Palisades. The 2016 median sales price for 90402 of $3,743,000 versus the 2015 median of $3,495,000 shows a gain of 7.10%. The average list price was up 3.55% and the… Continue Reading Year End Santa Monica Dirt Numbers and Statistics

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The Dirt on the Persian Palace

  Photo credit:  The Do you find the term or words Persian Palace offensive? I’ve been selling real estate for almost 30 years and can assure that none of the Iranian friends, clients and real estate agents that I know personally have any problem with the term. The real estate website Curbed recently ran a piece (rather lengthy but an interesting read, as… Continue Reading The Dirt on the Persian Palace

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Santa Monica Snapshot: The Private Party Album

Last Friday we geared up for our annual Night on Montana Party. We had our usual sexy Santa. And the one from the North Pole. All the kiddies also popped by. Partners, clients, associates & sons all came together for a pic. The PHS family. We stocked up on homemade cookies. There was no shortage of wine & bubble either. The ladies of PHS.… Continue Reading Santa Monica Snapshot: The Private Party Album

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The Post-Holiday Walk Dirt

  Well, if you were here last Friday night, you know how fun our party and Montana Ave was and if you missed it, check out a few fun photos here and put it on your calendar for next year – the 1st Friday of December is the date and you are invited! Interest rates have moved up a bit since the election last… Continue Reading The Post-Holiday Walk Dirt

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The Dirt on the Montana Avenue Holiday Walk

Are you going to join me this Friday at our Montana office party? If you are reading this email, you are invited! Our party is by invitation only. Be sure and mention me at the door. Bring your camera or camera phone for photos with Santa and his usual Santa’s Helpers, drink some holiday cheer and you will surely get into the holiday mood.… Continue Reading The Dirt on the Montana Avenue Holiday Walk

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Santa Monica Dirt

Santa Monicans like most Americans are still in a state of shock having been stunned by the election results – aside from the Presidential race, the fact that Luv lost and legalizing weed won surprised most of the locals that I have spoken to. Interest rates have climbed slightly but most real estate professionals, Buyers and Sellers predict business as usual in the near… Continue Reading Santa Monica Dirt

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